Guide To Choosing Figure-Flattering Swimsuits

A brand new year means a brand new set of New Year’s resolutions! Although we set out with the best intentions, it can be hard to keep your resolutions… especially when they involve long hours at the gym and getting ready for swimsuit season! For those who can’t find the time to exercise, you can still look great in a swimsuit, simply by choosing styles that flatter and support. Read on to learn how…


Keep Your Body Type in Mind

When choosing a swimsuit, the first thing you should consider is your body type. No two women are shaped exactly the same and certain styles may look better on certain body types than others. For those who are triangle-shaped/bottom-heavy or inverted triangle-shaped/top-heavy, the key is to balance out your look. Choose swimsuit styles that draw eyes away from your heavier half and toward your smaller half. For example, if you’re bottom-heavy, go for dark solid bottoms paired with printed or embellished tops.

For other body shapes (i.e. rectangle/boyish, hourglass, curvy), you want to choose swimsuit styles that will enhance your figure and play up your best assets. For example, if you have a boyish figure and no curves, try a monokini with side cutouts that will create curves along your hips and torso area. If you have the coveted hourglass shape, avoid swimsuit bottoms that are too thin or too thick to keep that sought-after shape!


Support The Girls!

Whether you’re shopping for bras or looking for a new swimsuit, you always want to consider bust support for the girls! One of the absolute worst bikini bloopers is when the girls pop out of your top, so you definitely want to look for swimsuit styles that provide ample coverage and support. Underwire tops provide the best support, especially when they come with straps. But if you hate the feeling of underwires, try halter tops with thick fixed underbands. The thicker neck straps and fuller cups are sure to keep your girls in their rightful place.


Slim Your Torso

For many of us, the tummy is a major cause of concern and is the #1 reason for being self-conscious in a swimsuit. Just like with regular clothing, choosing a style in a dark solid color like black, navy or plum will make your torso appear slimmer. But if you’re a fan of bold brights, look for s style with ruched, shirred or smocked fabric detail along the torso area and it will instantly flatten you out. Finally, swimsuit styles with tummy control are a no-brainer, as they help suck you in and create the appearance of a flatter tummy. If the swimsuit is not labeled as having special control fabric, remember that a high Lycra Spandex count (look for 28%+) will have a similarly slimming effect.

Are you ready for swimsuit season?

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