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Great Coupon Apps for Blackberry

Having a Blackberry or other smartphone can be a huge drain on the wallet. I can’t imagine not having my Blackberry Montana though. It has become absolutely vital to my life though, both personally and professionally. It is my grocery shopping list, my place to get driving directions, and a way to stay connected to work projects when I can’t be at my desk.

Using it to save money though is something that I have recently discovered. A Blackberry can start around $99 and then you have to pay for the data service, adding $30 on top of your monthly bill. I was very happy to stumble upon some coupon apps for Blackberry that are not really talked about. The goal is to recoup both the cost of the phone and the monthly service in order to even out the expenditure.

The best part is the coupons are right on your phone and you don’t have to clip anything out and actually remember to bring them with you. I know that I always have the best of intentions and then forget the envelope of coupons at home. Having the coupons right on your phone is very convenient.

Check out these money saving apps to get started with:

Cellfire. This free app finds coupons at major grocery store chains across the country. There are over 4500 locations you can use this at and growing all the time. There are some parts of the country that lack coverage though, but hopefully they will be added soon.

Valpak. I receive these coupons in the mail all the time and I was very happy to find their free app. It finds on-the-go coupons for you based on your location. All you have to do is show the cashier in order to redeem. You can even add your favorite businesses and their coupons to easily find them later.

Groupon. With deals on eating out, health and fitness, beauty and more, it is hard not to find a useful deal from Groupon. This free app makes finding them so easy. Purchase a deal right from the app or get your previously purchased ones. Plus with the addition of Groupon Now you can find deals based on your current location.

Radar Coupons. Find coupons within 10 miles of your current location with this app. They have coupons for restaurants, gas stations, retails stores and more. Just let the cashier scan your phone and save money on your purchase. This is a free app.

UPC Price Check. This is not a coupon app but it can definitely be a money saver. When you are out shopping, just scan an item that you are interested in buying and it will return prices for the same item from a number of online retailers. Wonder no more if you really are getting a great deal.

Having a Blackberry or other smartphone can definitely fit into a frugal lifestyle. Especially when you have these great apps to help you save money.

Shannon Weidemann is a freelance writer for Prepaid Reviews, a site that provides information about prepaid cell phones coupled with over 17,000 consumer reviews of 30+ service providers such as Tracfone.