Book Review | Cloudburst

Title: Cloudburst (Storms)

Author: V.C. Andrews

My Review:

CloudBurst is the second book in the V.C. Andrews March Family Series. Whenever I begin a V.C. Andrews book, I know that I am about to embark upon a journey filled with trials and tribulations. CloudBurst is no exception. I read Family Storms before reading CloudBurst and I recommend that all readers do the same. Sasha Porter, the protagonist, is a 14 year old girl in the first book, who is living on the street’s with her mother. On one stormy night, Sasha’s life forever changes when she and her mother are struck by a car. Her mother is killed instantly, and although injured, Sasha survives. She is soon taken in by the mysterious and wealthy March family. Complications arise when Mrs. March attempts to make Sasha, both figuratively and literally, fill the shoes of her deceased youngest daughter. Add to the fact that, Kiera March, the March’s oldest daughter is the one responsible for Sasha’s mother’s death and you have a potentially hazardous situation. Sasha endures horrendous occurrences in Family Storms, but it is CloudBurst in which she is pushed to the brink of disaster.

CloudBurst picks up three years after the first book and Sasha is now a well-rounded 17 year old young woman. She’s a straight “A” student and senior in high school. Mr. and Mrs. Jordan are her foster parents and at first glance, things appear well within the family, but looks are deceiving. Sasha is still quite fragile, considering her background and the troubles which she has endured at such a young age, which would probably explain her attraction towards Ryder Garfield. Ryder is a new student at school and the son of world famous celebrities. It is immediately obvious that Ryder is a troubled young man. Sasha, perhaps, naively believes that she can help him. While forming a relationship with this young man, Sasha begins to notice questionable behavior in her foster father. His relationship with his wife is falling apart and he seems to be taking a peculiar interest in Sasha. He is also less than thrilled about her relationship with Ryder. The question however, is why? Little hints are noticeable throughout the book and his intentions towards Sasha are soon obvious. A tragedy soon takes place thanks to the unchanging nature of Kiera March and Sasha is left in a devastated state. The tragedy is absolutely heart-wrenching and Sasha’s reaction is beyond gripping and made me as a reader feel her pain. Through her struggles to deal with this tragedy she is once more betrayed and it is from a person whom she is supposed to trust.

CloudBurst is an engaging read, which took me through the highs and lows of tragedy and triumph. Sasha proves resilient in the face of tragedy, which makes her a truly inspirational character. I enjoyed reading about her growth from childhood to womanhood and by the end of CloudBurst, I knew that she would be okay. I appreciated the dark nature of CloudBurst and the fact that Andrews dared to address issues which are at times taboo and she masterfully succeeded. I am unsure if there will be another book in the series, but if not, I look forward to enjoying more V.C. Andrews books in the future.

*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*


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