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Weeks 18 & 19 on Nutrisystem #NSNation

With the craziness of trying not to fall too far behind with reading, catching up on writing reviews, surviving Thanksgiving and cleaning house, I’ve failed to update you all on my Nutrisystem progress.

Even though I haven’t been posting as often as I should, I have still been doing the weekly weigh-ins just to keep an eye on where I am. I’m happy to report that I have been maintaining around 138-139 lbs., with a lowest ever weight since starting this journey of 137.6 lbs. on 11/23.

I know that Thanksgiving and Christmas are two days that dieting people really don’t look forward to, because there are so many temptations. I actually did fairly well on Thanksgiving; it was a simple affair, just my parents, husband, and daughter. I took a little bit of everything: turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. I had so little on my plate that my dad wanted to know why I wasn’t eating more. The stuffing was really good, and I did go back for more. I also had some pumpkin pie and some weird cane sugar cola, but I still maintained my weight. It helps that any holiday goodies that we have in the house are hiding upstairs in my husband’s office, too; out of sight, out of mind.

We have also started eating out far less, though we did try a new restaurant that specializes in burgers last week. It’s a restaurant I have been DYING to try since it first opened. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: I’m not going to deprive myself of experiencing new foods. I enjoy the taste and experience of food, but if I have it in moderation and watch my portions, I am able to maintain my weight.

I’ve finally reached the point where I no longer *have* to have soda when I go out to eat; I’m perfectly happy and content to only drink water. This is a really great victory for me, considering that I used to drink soda the way I am now drinking water. I still want one every now and then, but I avoid needing a refill, and this helps with the calorie count.

Exercise…I recently tried another new exercise DVD and it kicked my butt so much in just the first section that I haven’t yet made it all the way through. I think it’s a really good workout, so my next goal is to conquer it. I know it might take a few tries, but eventually I will do it.

So where am I at, you wonder? Maintaining at 138.2 lbs. I still have quite the journey to reach my end goal of between 120-125 lbs. I am antsy to get there, and feel like I’m taking such a long time to get there. Now that things have settled down a little for me, I’m really going to do my best to get more exercise.

My measurements are where I have improved the most, I think.

  • Upper Arms: 10.5 inches
  • Chest: 36 inches
  • Waist: 30 inches
  • Hips: 36.5 inches
  • Thighs: 19 inches

Take control of your life and learn how to lose weight while eating healthy on Nutrisystem. All it takes is one phone call to 1-888-853-4689 or a quick visit to their website.

*Nutrisystem is providing me with free food and support service as part of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger program. In exchange, I will be posting each week with my progress. All thoughts expressed are my own, and my experience using the system may vary from that of other participants.*


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