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Switched at Birth Volume One Review

Title: Switched at Birth: Volume One

About the Series:

Bay Kennish grew up in a wealthy family, with her happily married parents and older brother. Daphne Vasquez lost her hearing as a child, and grew up with a single mother in a working-class neighborhood. Life as they know it is turned upside down when Bay’s school project about blood types reveals she is not genetically related to her parents, and a series of tests confirms she and Daphne were accidentally switched at birth. Together with their families, Bay and Daphne struggle with their own identities and prejudices against one another, all while facing everyday teenage girl drama- dating, friendships and family.

Featuring acclaimed actors Lea Thompson, Constance Marie, Marlee Matlin and D.W. Moffett plus rising stars Katie Leclerc, Vanessa Marano, Lucas Grabeel and Sean Berdy, Switched at Birth is a superbly acted and heartfelt series that the entire family will enjoy!

My Review:

I watched the episodes of Switched at Birth until the wee hours of the morning. It was so good and I kept saying, “just one more episode!”.  I don’t have cable so I wasn’t sure what to expect and went into watching the series with a blank slate. I was surprised when I learned that one of the girls that was switched at birth was deaf. I did not see that coming! I googled the actress, Katie Leclerc, to find out if she was deaf in real life and I learned that she was partially deaf  and suffers from Meniere’s disease. In the series, Daphne loses her sense of hearing at the age of three after contracting meningitis. One of the life saving medications that the doctors gave little Daphne caused hearing loss. I found it interesting to learn about “deaf culture” since its not something I know much about. Daphne, her mom and her friends all sign and Daphne does speak and read lips. Reading lips isn’t as easy as it looks and it was hard for Daphne to keep tabs on the conversation during meals at the Kennish home with everyone talking at once. I felt her frustration.

Then there was Ty, a neighborhood friend of Daphne’s. He reminded me of a young Johnny Depp! The actor’s name is Blair Redford and he’s one to watch! Bay and Ty start dating which Daphne is somewhat resentful of even though she doesn’t have feelings for Ty. I’m not sure I really got why she was upset. Ty is a perfect gentleman though and is very thoughtful. He ends up joining the military half way through the show and no more Ty. Maybe he will back again? I hope so.

As for Daphne and Bay, I was first drawn to Daphne and thought she was a really sweet girl. Bay seemed like a spoiled child. As the episodes went on though and I got to know Bay more, she ended up becoming my favourite character on the show. Towards the end, Daphne was the one who annoyed me! That girl can hold a grudge and to me I just thought she should listen and try to forgive. I can’t really say why though without ruining the plot though so you will have to watch!

One of my favourite scenes in the series was Poker Night when older brother Toby Kennish brings Daphne and her friend Emmett (played by deaf actor Sean Berdy) to play. Daphne tells Toby that deaf people are amazing at Poker because they are able to read body language so well. She was right! They rocked it! Well, that was until Toby’s friend catches onto their game.

Another romance I thought was really cute was between Bay and Emmett (Daphne’s best friend) who was born deaf. He reads lips but doesn’t speak so it was difficult for him to communicate with Bay. Let’s just say they kissed a lot! Bay was on a mission though to learn sign language and was really trying hard to be able to get to know the real Emmett. They were such a sweet couple. Emmett is adorable!  I was really rooting for them to work out and it made me upset when Daphne “discovered” that she suddenly had feelings for Emmett too. Emmett was in love with Daphne prior to meeting Bay but she never reciprocated the feelings. It just felt a little too convenient for her to discover her feelings now that Emmett was with another girl. I think that’s the point when the tables turned for me on Daphne. I just didn’t see her as the sweet and innocent girl anymore.

Lea Thompson was amazing as Bay’s mom and Daphne’s birth mom. I remember her from the 80s and she is many of my favourite movies. Anyone remember Howard the Duck? That’s the lead actress (not the duck)! She still looks great.

I’m hooked on Switched at Birth and will be buying Volume Two the minute it comes out. I need to find out what happens with Bay and Emmett and all the other characters. This is a series that the whole family can watch together and enjoy!

*I did not receive any financial compensation for this review, though I did review a sample of the product for evaluation purposes. The opinions are based only on my experiences with the product.*

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