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My Car, My Website & Dollar Signs!

There are a few areas in my life where I have to trust someone. My car for instance. What I know about maintaining my car could fit on this page. Ahem. Paragraph. They see me coming and start seeing dollar signs, I’m sure of it! This post is for those of us who have to trust a web master or maintenance person for our websites. If you don’t have a website, you can just skip to the end and let me know of any good mechanics in my area, k?

For those of us who have websites, can we commiserate a moment on how often there are things that ‘happen’? If only we could set it up and just have it run. You know? Do its thing! But yeah, not the way it works. Apparently, so they say, we have to maintain these things. My friends from DSWP have given us a few tips:

1. To operate quickly and provide a smooth user experience, web hosts should keep your “php” and “mysql” up to date. Currently that is PHP 5.3 and MySQL 5.5.

2. WordPress should always be kept up to date for security reasons – VERY IMPORTANT.

3. Plugins are little pieces of “code” (bad code is also known as viruses!) so always be cautious when installing new plugins.

4. Backup, backup, backup!!

5. Get page load speed tests from Anything 6 seconds and under is great!

Want a hand with that? Did something happen? You SO need to know my friends at DSWP Website Services!

The most important thing you need to know – they wont treat you like an idiot!! And they’re GREAT at what they do! Here’s the details:

  • they’re WordPress-only Guru’s
  • they do small jobs (like installing a plugin) to big jobs (like a whole website)
  • you can talk to them on the PHONE, or twitter, facebook, or email
  • gorgeous websites starting at $490

All of you should get this immediately before this deal expires:

DSWP WordPress Maintenance SALE

*This guest post is brought to you by Desperately Seeking WP.*

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