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Holiday Gift Guide | Tek Nek Rockin Rider Review

When my husband was a boy he has fond memories of his beloved spring horse named, “Bucky” that had been passed down through the generations in his family and it now 50 years old. There is something so exciting about being able to “ride” a pretend horse and this classic toy continues to thrill my children. They enjoyed playing with “Bucky” who was beginning to show his age and had to be retired to the attic to preserve for the next generation of children in our family. They were so sad to not have their spring horse anymore so I was delighted to discover the latest generation of spring horses from Tek Nek.

Tek Nek is proud of their Rockin’ Rider series of spring horses that has lots of modern features to make play time even more fun. “Lacey” is a pretty pink and purple soft, premium plush horse and my daughter loves being able to rub and “pet” her new friend. Can you believe that this horse actually has a moving mouth so that she can talk and sing a catchy song, “I’m a Little Pony” by simply activating the noise in her ear? When you press the other ear, “Lacey” will whiney and make galloping sounds much to the delight of my children. They absolutely love the rocking and bouncing movements when they take “Lacey” for a ride.

There are three stirrup positions, a faux leather saddle and lots of other neat features and details. I appreciate that the Rockin’ Rider is designed to be sturdy, stable and durable. An additional safety feature that I like are the covered springs….we learned the hard way what can happen with uncovered springs when the kids were riding on “Bucky”.

“Lacey” was simple for my husband and I to assemble together and there is easy access to the battery area which has an on/off switch and volume control.

While our beloved “Bucky” can never be fully replaced in our hearts, we are very impressed with the Rockin’ Rider product line in terms of quality, entertainment value and price. In a few years, it looks as though “Bucky” may be joined by a new friend in the attic…..the lovely Miss “Lacey.”

The Rockin’ Rider line has many awesome toy horses available for boys and girls this holiday season…..imagine the smiles of joy when a new “friend” is received.

You are invited to visit the website to pick out your favorite. From spring horses to rocking horses there is a premium plush pony for young children of many different age ranges, available now at Tek Nek.

*I did not receive any financial compensation for this review, though I did review a sample of the product for evaluation purposes. The opinions are based only on my experiences with the product.*


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