A New Trailer for Disney/PIXAR’s BRAVE in Theatres June 22nd, 2012 in 3D

One of my most anticipated films for this summer is PIXAR’s Brave. My husband and I always look forward to this time of year for every new PIXAR release. Since before there was even a teaser trailer or any kind of art work revealed for this film, my husband and I have known about it; I think he found some very limited information Wikipedia. The teaser trailer that I saw last summer in Los Angeles (as well as dozens of times on my own computer) only increased my desire to see this film.

Finally there is a new trailer for Brave that shows off more of the story. This is a bit of a departure for PIXAR, whose films normally are centered around male protagonists. Of course there are strong females featured in all of the PIXAR films (Sally and Holly in Cars and Cars 2, respectively, Helen/Elastigirl and Violet in The Incredibles, etc.), or they wouldn’t appeal to a female audience, but this is the firt time a PIXAR film will be totally centered around a female.

Merida (Kelly McDonald) is a princess with archery skills who decides to part ways with tradition and follow her own path. Because she doesn’t perform the customs of her people, she inadvertently causes all sorts of problems within her kingdom. With nowhere else to turn, she goes to a Witch, who grants her one wish…

Brave also features the voice talents of Kevin McKidd, Craig Ferguson, and Billy Connolly (whose voice I recognized as the narrator of The Ballad of Nessie).

I’m particularly excited for the setting of this film, which is in the Highlands of Scotland, and also the epic musical score composed by Patrick Doyle.

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What aspects of “Brave” are you most excited about?

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