Top 5 Muppets Gifts for This Holiday Season

Expect to see a lot of The Muppets themed products hitting the shelves this holiday season because of the November 23rd release of The Muppets, starring Jason Segel and Amy Adams. Some of my blogger friends have made me aware of some super cool The Muppets products that are going to be in high demand. I hope Santa and his elves are working hard to make enough for everyone who might want them! But just in case, I’m sharing my The Muppets Christmas Wish List with you a little bit early in case you want these items under your tree, too!

OPI The Muppets Special Edition Nail Polish

This collection of Muppets inspired nail polish might be a little tricky to find. I went looking for it at Trade Secret and they didn’t have the full set of all the colors, let alone any of the shades by themselves. Amazon.com has some of the shades as well as some of the mini sized sets, so if you can’t find them locally you may want to shop around online for the best deal.

Muppets Inspired Make-Up Palette

This one may be a bit tricky to acquire, since only 1,000 were made. I got to see one up close and personal in L.A. because Vanessa of Queen of Swag had one. She talks about it here. It has some really fun shades and would make a great gift for that Muppets lover who already has everything. The palette was made by The Balm, and it may take some sleuthing on your part to track down where to buy it.

Muppets: The Green Album CD

This collection of classic Muppets songs covered by today’s popular bands is sure to inspire a new generation of Muppets fans. Some of the recommended tracks are: “Rainbow Connection” by Weezer, “Halfway Down the Stairs” by Amy Lee (I love her!), and “Our World” by My Morning Jacket.

Monopoly: Muppets Edition

Monopoly is my all-time favorite board game! None of the editions I own are the original; I have a Wizard of Oz edition and the Electronic Banking edition, and I think the Muppets Monopoly Edition may just be my next acquisition.

Diva Code by Miss Piggy

We got to interview Miss Piggy and Kermit, and I asked both of them what their favorite piece of merchandise featuring themselves was, and Miss Piggy said she favors the book she wrote. In The Diva Code: Miss Piggy on Life, Love, and the 10,000 Idiotic Things Men Frogs Do , Miss Piggy shares some of the wisdom she’s gathered over the years as a diva. You’ll find advice on love, fashion, and so much more in her hilarious novel. This is one you don’t want to miss!

These are just a few of my favorite things featuring The Muppets! For even more gift ideas, visit the Muppets Amazon store where you’ll find watches, clothing for all ages, costumes, plush toys, and more.


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