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The Retirement of Google Friend Connect

Last week I learned that Google is retiring Google Friend Connect (GFC) for all non-Blogger sites on March 1, 2012. I’m self-hosted using the WordPress platform so that means my GFC goes poof come March. I don’t know what happens to those followers in March. I guess they just stop getting my feed? I haven’t been able to find any answers.

I know a lot of blogs worked so hard on growing their followers. Just think of all those Friday Follow type memes and giveaway events! Google seems to be pushing people to use Google+. They have said that content will be indexed on Google+. It isn’t currently indexed on Facebook or Twitter. However, I’m not really surprised though since Google seems to control the Internet.

Tonight I made the decision to remove the GFC widget from my site. At over 13, 400+ followers, it was hard to do. However, there was really no point in keeping it active since it’s soon going to be obsolete. If you were a follower, I invite you to subscribe via email or a reader so you can still get my posts.

I’ve come across a number of bloggers weighing on the recent news about Google retiring Google Friend Connect. Here’s a few of their posts if you are interested in taking a peek at what they have to say:

If you are on WordPress how long do you plan to leave your GFC widget up?

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