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StumbleUpon | October 2011 Report

October was a record month for me on StumbleUpon. My discoveries are doing great and my SU traffic is the highest its ever been. You can find me as simplystacie on StumbleUpon.

Here’s my top 10 discoveries for the month of October. If you like them, just give them a “thumbs up” on your SU toolbar.

  1. I Wish Cake Went Straight to My Boobs: 84K views
  2. Barkin’ Good M&Ms Halloween Bark Recipe: 36K views
  3. Halloween Face Painting Ideas and Tutorial: 14K views
  4. Sarcastic Emails Come Free: 5879 views
  5. Autumn Is: 4816 views
  6. Northern Lights in Chicago Area?: 4155 views
  7. Everyday Minerals Beauty Review: 3670 views
  8. Children and Marriage : 3468 views
  9. The Best Way to Apologize: 1598 views
  10. My Favorite Disney Memory: 554 views

My site had 102,591 visits in the month of October from StumbleUpon!

Here’s my top 10 posts with the most SU traffic for October:

  1. Friends Forever: 33K views; discovered by AFMT
  2. I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up: 21K views; discovered by KellysLuckyYou
  3. An Unlikely Couple: 14K views; discovered by celestew84
  4. Are We Too Obsessed with Facebook?: 13K views; discovered by MusingMainiac
  5. Superstitions from Around the World: 11K views; discovered by momspark
  6. The Five Minute Guide to Getting A Job in Social Media: 19K views; discovered by mommy2rylie
  7. The Class of 2011 Social Media: 8932 views; discovered by Kdkaren
  8. Cat in the Can: 6081 views; discovered by makobiscribe
  9. Cat in a Back Pack: 5736 views; discovered by darcyzalewski
  10. My Top 10 Favourite Horror Movies of All Time: 3704 views; discovered by simplystacie 

Want to learn more about StumbleUpon? Here’s some posts to get you started:

Stacie Vaughan

Stacie is the mom of two girls and lives in Ontario, Canada. She enjoys cooking/baking, photography, reading, DIY and is fueled by lots of coffee!

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