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StumbleUpon | November 2011 Report

I’m pleased that many of my discoveries are taking off. It’s a nice feeling to be able to bring people lots of traffic.

Here’s my top 10 discoveries for the month of November. If you like them, just give them a “thumbs up” on your SU toolbar.

  1. Words to Live By: The Wisdom of Audrey Hepburn: 98K views
  2. Midweek Pick Me Ups: Inspirational Quotes: 69K views
  3. How to Properly Wear a Christmas Sweater: 36K views
  4. 16 Scrumptious Macaroon Photos: 20K views
  5. Most Expensive Heated Cat Bed: 14K views
  6. Tutorial: Glamorous Grave Nails: 12K views
  7. Funny Quotes and Signs: 11K views
  8. Zucchini Recipe: 9045 views
  9. DIY Homemade Glitter: 4303 views
  10. Super 6: Thanksgiving Treats: 2913 views

My site had 112,085 visits in the month of November from StumbleUpon!

Here’s my top 10 posts with the most SU traffic for November:

  1. Pumpkins on Pinterest: 24K views; discovered by AMFT
  2. Red Velvet Heaven: 23K views; discovered by ParentPalace
  3. Canadian Fall Landscapes: 13K views; discovered by crissypage
  4. Beautiful Dogs: 9163 views; discovered by keenlykristin
  5. Superstitions from Around the World: 20K views; discovered by momspark
  6. Cat in a Back Pack: 13K views; discovered by darcy zalewski
  7. Facebook Wall of Shame: 8610 views; discovered by makobiscribe
  8. Blue-Eyed Dogs: 8348 views; discovered by aboutamom
  9. 10 Common Misconceptions Dispelled: 14K views; discovered by ourfamilyworld
  10. Hugging Kitties: 12K views; discovered by ParentPalace

Want to learn more about StumbleUpon? Here’s some posts to get you started:

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