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November 14th is World Diabetes Day #EqualCanada #CBias

Last year John’s father passed away. He was only in his late 50s, but suffered from multiple health issues with one of the major ones being Type 1 Diabetes. He lived an unhealthy lifestyle when he was younger and was also a recovering alcoholic. There were a number of factors that contributed to his death and doctors told us that ultimately all his organs were shutting down. I guess his body couldn’t take anymore. When I met him in 2009, he was in a wheelchair and had one leg. Gangrene claimed his limb as a result of Diabetes.

We were there by his side when he passed away and it was extremely sad. He looked so old and nothing like he did when I first met him the year before. Seeing him pass away made me scared for John as he doesn’t eat the healthiest of diets. I worry that he will develop Diabetes like his dad and I know we need to do what we can to improve his lifestyle.

November is Diabetes Month (with World Diabetes Day on November 14th) and I believe it’s important to share not only our family story, but also raise awareness and discuss how to prevent and manage diabetes. There is no cure. I wish there was. Nine million Canadians are affected by Diabetes or Prediabetes and this number continues to rise.

On November 10th, pick up a copy of the National Post and look for the Fourth Annual Report on Diabetes, an eight page spread that will discuss Diabetes prevention and management. In the report you will find lots and lots of important information about Diabetes including:

Prevention of Diabetes

  • The Importance of Exercise and Weight Loss
  • The Magnitude of Nutrition and Diet
  • Recognizing the Symptoms

Actions to Manage the Disease

  • Managing Diabetes Short and Long Term
  • Understanding Glucose Levels and Continuous Monitoring
  • Handling Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia

Reactions to the Effects of the Disease

  • Dealing with the Disease’s Disabling Effects (Neuropathy,Retinopathy, Oral Health, etc.)
  • A Glimpse into the Future of Diabetes Care

Bret Michaels is being featured as the cover story! He has battled Type 1 Diabetes since he was a child. I was a big fan of his band, Poison, when I was a teen!

In addition, Equal, the artificial sweetener, has an exclusive feature with a 1/4 page spread. It’s the only artificial sweetener included in the report!

In case you aren’t familiar with Equal, let me tell you a bit more about it. Like I mentioned, it’s an artificial sweetener that is appropriate for people with both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. It’s recognized as an acceptable part of a diabetes meal plan by both the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). You use it in place of sugar in recipes, coffee, etc and that one small step makes a huge difference in achieving a healthy diet. In fact, if you substitute Equal for sugar in your coffee and cereal every day, you will consume 20,440 calories less a year! That’s based on using two teaspoons of sugar in coffee and two teaspoons of sugar on cereal each day. Since obesity is a MAJOR risk factor for developing Diabetes, this is one way you can make a major difference in preventing Diabetes. John takes three sugars in his coffee so I need to talk to him about switching to Equal!

If you have a Sobeys in your area, make sure you check out their special baking flyer this week. You will find Equal on sale! We shop at Sobeys so I will be watching for this flyer in my mailbox.

Furthermore to show my support, I will be donating $25 to Juvenile Diabetes this month. I encourage you to donate as well if you can. Please visit the JDRF to make your donation.

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