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Title: Prep and Landing

A little bit Mission: Impossible mixed with a lot of Christmas cheer, Disney’s Prep & Landing is now yours to own on DVD with a colorful assortment of fun bonus features on November 22nd, 2011. Prep & Landing first aired on ABC in 2009, a modern Christmas short classic for the whole family to enjoy.

Prep & Landing is an elite, high-tech team of Santa’s elves that prepares homes on Christmas Eve for Santa’s arrival. They ensure that stockings are hung with care and that no creatures are stirring using night-vision goggles and other fun gadgets for a smooth present delivery. Once the houses are secure on the inside, they race back up to the roof to help Santa Claus land his sleigh. The elves address each other by fun call-names like “Little Drummer Boy”. Even Santa’s reindeers have their own nicknames!

Prep & Landing is told from the point of view of Wayne (Dave Foley), a smart-mouthed elf who has worked for 227 years in the Prep & Landing department. When he is overlooked for a promotion, he loses all his Christmas cheer. His new partner is the enthusiastic new recruit Lanny, who reminds him of the true meaning of Christmas after Wayne’s Scrooge-like behavior nearly ruins Christmas for one small boy named Timmy.

I remember watching Prep & Landing when it first aired on ABC 2 years ago, and loving every minute of it. Prep & Landing is funny, clever, and well-written; the only downside is that it’s only around 22 minutes long! My daughter is a huge fan of Christmas and Santa Claus, and I knew she would fall in love with this short film, too. When I watched Prep & Landing for the first time this year, I laughed, I admired, and I even cried. I think this is a great film to use in teaching children what Christmas is all about: sharing, caring, and believing. It also inspires creativity, and is a truly realistic look at what the North Pole might certainly be like.

Bonus Features:

Operation Secret Santa Wayne and Lanny are recruited by Mrs. Claus (Betty White) for a super secret mission that takes us on a journey into Santa’s private office. The humor, magic, and spirit of Christmas are just as potent in this delightful follow-up to the 2009 Prep & Landing.

Kringle Academy Training Videos These are a hilarious and creative look into what the elves endure to become a part of Santa’s team. They certainly have their work cut out for them!

Tiny’s Big Adventure Magee sends her assistant Tiny, one of the tiniest elves you’ll ever see (or not, because he’s shorter than the screen of your TV!) on a mission to get her some coffee. Tiny experiences a very big adventure when trying to make a new pot of coffee.

North Pole News An insider’s look at what the residents of the North Pole will see on a given day. Includes Christmas merriment, heroism, society news, and sports.

North Pole Commercials Learn about elfdate.com, the website where elves will find their own snow angels; The Fruitcake Factory, which contains over 87 different kinds of fruit cake for low, low prices; and Spa Navidad, where an elf can get an Egg Nog facial and relaxation.

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