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Holiday Gift Guide | Madii & Dyl Review

My son definitely takes after my husband in a lot of respects, particularly when it comes to his sensitive complexion. I worry a lot about being gentle with his skin and using products that will not irritate him. The cleansing flannel by Madii & Dyl is an excellent product for babies and adults with skin sensitivities, eczema or other skin conditions.

The cloth feels like a foam or rubber mat when dry but becomes super soft and pliable when wet. It is extremely absorbent and cleans without scratching your baby’s oh-so delicate skin. It is safe to use on the sensitive areas of your baby’s skull and can gently remove cradle crap or other peeling skin. The flannel is also made from environmentally friendly materials. I like how it glides easily over my son’s skin. I feel it is especially gentle for his face and it feels silky soft against the skin. I would love to buy one for myself because it doesn’t tug against your skin the way a more traditional wash cloth would! I like that it hardens as it dries and is non-porous to prevent bacteria from forming on it. It feels very luxurious and it also doubles as a towel- wring it out and use it to dry your baby’s hair post-bath. The material really soaks up moisture effectively.

Visit Madii & Dyl today for more information about the cleansing flannel and their line of luxe pillows that are resistant to dust mites!

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