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Holiday Gift Guide | Custom3 Fit 50/50 Cardio & Weights DVD Review & Giveaway (US)

When I first attempted Angie Gorr’s Custom3 Fit 50/50 Cardio & Weights exercise DVD, I weighed somewhere between 150 and 153 lbs. Even with 3 different levels of intensity to choose from, I was still having a hard time making it through the entire workout. Angie’s exercise routine does include some steps and arm movements that remind me of dance, and they do require a bit more concentration and patience than I normally have.

After attempting to make it through from beginning to end, I found it was easier for me at first to only do half of the DVD. Then I would tell myself that I would do the rest the next day, and of course I wouldn’t. I put the DVD aside for a while, and just concentrated on my eating habits since that is 80% of losing weight at a healthy rate (see Intro on DVD).

Many weeks later, I’m now much closer to my goal weight of 120-130 lbs. (this will depend on how I look and feel at 130; if I’m not entirely satisfied, I will keep losing rather than maintaining) My current weight is 140 lbs., and after going astray from my Nutrisystem meal plan last night for a nice dinner out with the family, I decided to try the Custom3 Fit 50/50 Cario & Weights DVD again–and this time I would finish what I started.

The Menu of the DVD contains an Intro, Safety, Play All, and Select Exercise option. In the Intro section, Angie introduces herself and explains why she developed the Custom3 Fit DVD. She herself has struggled with her weight her entire life, and has had back and thyroid problems as well. If you have some of the same problems, then this DVD is for you. In the Safety section, Angie explains how to properly pick up dumbbells, perform lunges, and squat. The Play All choose the order you do the exercises, starting with the warm-up and leading straight into the first Cardio circuit. The Select Exercise option allows you to choose the order of your workout.

I’m just starting about again with a fitness routine, and am focusing on the Level 1 workout only. Angie is front and center during the workout, with 3 women behind her who each work out at a different level. Focus on the level you want to do, but Angie says that you can switch levels if you want or need to.

I definitely prefer Weights over Cardio, but Angie’s Cardio circuits are actually pretty fun, and you will feel them working. After just the warm up, the first cardio section, and the first weight section, I was wiping sweat off my body. As I got about halfway through, my legs were shaking, but I was determined I would make it through her DVD for the first time ever. And I did!

You don’t need to belong to a gym to get a workout. To work out with Angie’s DVD, you only need two things: a set of dumbbells and an exercise mat. I prefer working out when my husband is not home and my daughter is preoccupied so that I can concentrate on me and what I need to be doing. Working out at home definitely has its perks, but you also need to have the willpower to stick with it.

I suspect it’s going to be quite a while before I’ll be ready to even attempt Level 2. Now that I know I can make it through 50/50 Cardio & Weights, I’m excited to do put this DVD to good use a couple days out of my week.

The 50/50 Cardio & Weights DVD can be purchased directly from Angie’s website for $14.99, or you can also order it from

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