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Holiday Gift Guide | BusyFit DVD Review & Giveaway (US & Can)

A common myth is that you need to work out in a gym with equipment and gadgets to get a proper workout. In their first fitness DVD, business executive Rob Basso and personal trainer Matthew Basso have teamed up to show busy professionals that they can achieve a workout in the middle of their daily schedules. The BusyFit workout is slightly under 25 minutes, and I guarantee that you will be sweating by the time you are done. You will feel your muscles getting stretched and worked out, and if you’re out of shape like I am, you may even be sore the next day

The BusyFit DVD really appealed to me because I don’t like working out. To get it done, I really have to force myself and talk myself into doing it. Even though this DVD was created with professionals in the New York area in mind, I think it’s also perfect for housewives and busy moms, too. As a mom, I’m on call 24 hours of the day, and it’s often hard to find a moment just for me. I have often felt guilty spending an hour or longer working out because it takes time away from my daughter. But in just these 25 minutes, I feel I’ve gotten just as good of a workout as I would have if I’d done my hour long or longer DVDs.

To do this workout, you only need a set of dumbbells, and you can use whichever weight you are most comfortable with. I only have a pair of 5s, and I felt challenged using these. The BusyFit DVD contains movements that I am already familiar with from having worked out with a personal trainer in the past, or have learned from trying to design my own workout. There are no fancy dance-type moves; everything is extremely straightforward and to the point. Matthew Basso doesn’t waste any time in this DVD, so all 25 minutes or so are filled with his instructions as you work out.

Rob Basso demonstrates all of the exercises while Matthew explains how to do them and why they are included in his workout. Looking at Rob, I could see that he is obviously in very good shape, and he still worked up a sweat. I’ve still got a long way to go before I will consider myself in shape, so this is a workout that anyone can use, whether you are a beginner or already do even more challenging workouts than this one.

The BusyFit DVD is designed to be used every day, whether you are at home or are traveling on business (or pleasure) or even at the office. I can’t see anyone being disappointed by what these guys have to offer, and I look forward to trying out future BusyFit DVDs.

The BusyFit DVD is available for purchase on or on their website for $29.95. If you want to try it before you buy it, you can also rent it for $1.99 on


1 lucky Simply Stacie winner will receive their own copy of the BusyFit DVD.

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