BillFloat’s Holiday Tips for Trimming Not Just the Tree, but Bills Too + $50 Visa GC Giveaway (US)

The holidays are typically filled with good will and joy for all, but often that comes at a price. The price tag for presents, a traditional holiday meal and festive parties may not come cheap for many, during a time that is hitting most Americans hard with the current economy. To this end, BillFloat, the nation’s only bill payment provider to give consumers more time to pay when they need it, offers the following tips on how consumers can maximize their resources this holiday season:

Don’t Pay the Minimum Balance! This is an oldie but goodie. Racking up credit card bills will only hurt you in the long run. The interest you pay may be more than the original charges. Pay as much as you can even if it is just a few dollars more than the minimum balance, as it will help you work to trim down that debt over time.

Invest in Water! A popular fable is about the person who put the amount they normally pay for their Starbucks Latte and invested it and they had thousands of dollars over the years. To take that one step further, cutting back on the sodas, alcohol and other beverages can equal even more savings. Water is free and it is better for you in the long run.

Never Pay Full Price! Tis the season for deals! The holiday season is filled with discounts, as retailers, restaurants and other merchants compete over every penny they can get. Look for coupons, discounts and sales, and only buy what is NEEDED vs. WANTED.

Do the Homework! When making a large purchase, taking out a short-term loan or determining how to use your money, find the best rate. Just because a big bank is offering a “convenient” loan, doesn’t mean that there aren’t credible online lenders that have better interest rates and lower fees.

Get Back to the Spirit of the Season! Instead of going lavish with shows, tons of presents and parties, invest in serving and giving time to others in need this holiday season. There are many great causes that may be local, and will make this time of year one of the most memorable by helping those in need.

Turn Up Your Sweater! Lowering the thermostat a few degrees can save hundreds of dollars a year. It is easy to put on another sweater or blanket and snuggle, while watching TV.

Look for Free Money! This November and December BillFloat is picking one person every day to pay a bill or unexpected expense up to $50! Tweet using the hashtag #PlsPayMyBill or directly tweet @BillFloat describing a recent bill, charge, unexpected fee, ticket or payment of any kind, and you could have that bill paid in full for free without having to pay it back. (Open to US only)

About BillFloat

To help consumers break the cycle of debt, BillFloat has an industry-first business model, which offers consumer-friendly financial products, and empowers customers to pay their bills on time and spend responsibly. With some of the lowest lending rates for short-term loans, BillFloat is creating a new category of services in the financial industry. For more information, please visit


BillFloat knows that money can be tight around the holidays so they want to spread some holiday cheer by giving one lucky reader a $50 Visa Gift Card!
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