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StumbleUpon | September 2011 Report

StumbleUpon is so much fun! I love discovering posts and seeing them do well. It makes me feel good to send people lots of traffic!

You can find me as simplystacie on StumbleUpon.

Here’s my top 10 discoveries for the month of September. If you like them, just give them a “thumbs up” on your SU toolbar.

1. Mom’s Best Stuffed Green Peppers Recipe: 20K views

2. Melted Crayon Art Tutorial: 18K views

3. Trouble in Paradise: 17K views (tie)

3. Caramel Apple Bars: 17K views (tie)

3. Shampoo Warning- Must Read!: 17K views (tie)

4. A Beautiful Day, And Beautiful Jewelry: 11K views

5. My Birthday Carrot Cake Recipe: 4909 views

6. Halloween Craft Idea: Spooky Mirror: 4630 views

7. Apple Dumplings Recipe: 4538 views

8. Crock Pot Air Freshener: 1332 views

9. Spooktacular Halloween Cooking with Kids: 1087 views

10. Book Review | Bloodlines: 791 views

As for my site, my SU traffic more than tripled for the month of September! StumbleUpon is now my largest traffic referrer for the month of September with 27,706 visitors!

Here’s my top 10 posts with the most SU traffic for September:

1. Cute and Covered: 26K views; discovered by fluffsenough

2. The 5 Minute Guide to Getting a Job in Social Media: 6586 views; discovered by mommy2rylie

3. 10 Fun Facts You Should Know About Real Steel: 2990 views; discovered by peddlerofdreams

4. How to Simple Summer Smoke: 1536 views; discovered by BeckyWillis

5. DIY Low Cost Crafts: 4598 views; discovered by ebmommy

6. Twitter Psychology: 1062 views; discovered by makobiscribe

7. Class of 2011 Social Media: 729 views; discovered by Kdkaren

8. Bloodlines: 791 views; discovered by me (something I try not to do very often!)

9. A Brief History of the iPad: 456 views; discovered by Stillblondeaaty

10. What You Didn’t Know About Facebook: 453 views; discovered by sixinthenest

Want to learn more about StumbleUpon? Here’s some posts to get you started:

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