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GlassDharma Review

I don’t know about you but I hate the taste of plastic. I would much rather get a fountain drink or can than get a plastic bottle of pop. I love it when restaurants serve my drink in glasses made of glass, too. The place where they fall flat? Plastic straws.

I was recently able to try some glass straws by GlassDharma. GlassDharma makes glass drinking straws in a variety of diameters and lengths for all your slurping needs. Their glass straws are guaranteed against breakage and they will repair or replace them if they break for any reason.

I was sent several different kinds of glass straws. One of them was the 12mm/9” Smoothie straw that just screamed MILKSHAKE! Well, technically it screamed smoothie, but I squashed that :). It worked fabulously for my cookies n cream milkshake. My daughter desperately wanted to try one, too, but the others weren’t quite wide enough. It was a bit like sucking on a small pipe the first time since it has to be so much thicker than plastic for the same diameter straw. I was completely over that by the time I finished my drink, though.

I was also sent a 9.5” bent Ice Tea glass straw, which is my favorite everyday straw. In fact when I got home from McDonald’s, I took out my plastic straw & replaced it with the bent GlassDharma straw. I was also sent two decorative straws, cleaning brushes for the largest and smallest straws as well as a sleeve for one of them. I loved that the sleeve was available for the straw so I could take it with me. Unfortunately, I don’t trust my carelessness with my purse OR my kids :).

Overall, I loved the GlassDharma straws! I would recommend them to anyone looking for small ways to go green or anyone looking for tastier drinks! If you have children who go through straws like water, you can even give them to children who are old enough to not throw their cups around.

Buy It!

You can buy GlassDharma glass straws in any length, diameter, and style to meet your drinking needs. GlassDharma straws start at $6.50 each.

*I did not receive any financial compensation for this review, though I did review a sample of the product for evaluation purposes. The opinions are based only on my experiences with the product.*

Jen S.

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