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BreathableBaby Review

I want to start by saying, I am terrible at following instructions for products. I throw up my hands and leave it to my husband. I am also terrified to put anything in my son’s crib. With all the fears we face surrounding SIDS, it’s difficult to find products that give us peace of mine and protect our babies. Now that my son is rolling, I needed something to keep him from bumping his head or tangling his arms in his crib. Enter Breathablebaby, who market a full line of breathable products for use in your baby’s cribs, including blankets, sheets and bumpers. These products keep baby safe and the company has very helpful instructional videos, making them idiot-proof!

With the help of Youtube, my husband and I were able to easily attach the Breathablebaby bumpers to our son’s crib. There are two pieces- one long and one short. Using ties to guide positioning, they easily attach with velcro that allows you to pull them tautly against your crib. They work well with every style of crib. The breathability is amazing. The box contained 2 fabric samples- one a standard fabric and one made using A.C.T.™ Air Channel Technology™. By breathing against each one you can see the amazing difference that the Breathablebaby products make towards helping your child to breathe. Style is secondary to safety, but the bumpers look extremely nice and come in a variety of colors, patterns and prints to match any nursery décor. You don’t have to compromise style for safety.

The best thing this product gives me is peace of mind. Now that we have these bumpers installed the whole family is sleeping more soundly. I am not as anxious while my son is sleeping, which means I am checking on him less and he is able to sleep deeply and for longer amounts of time. Please visit for more information on these and other safe products for your baby.

Check out the latest press release from BreathableBaby titled: BreathableBaby® Offers Breathable Mesh Crib Liners to Help Avoid Dangers of Traditional Bumpers and Protect against Entanglement Hazards and Disrupted Sleep

*I did not receive any financial compensation for this review, though I did review a sample of the product for evaluation purposes. The opinions are based only on my experiences with the product.*


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