The Tuneables™ “I Love Music” DVD/CD Program Review

I had trouble getting my children to settle down to watch The Tuneables™ until the moment that this wonderful musical appreciation DVD appeared on the screen and then they were immediately captivated with this entire program.

As a home schooling mom, I am always looking for creative resources to supplement our curriculum and by far this has been one of the best DVD’s to teach music concepts to young children. The Tuneables™ “I Love Music” is an instructional series designed to teach music to young children (ages 3-8).

The Tuneables™ “I Love Music” DVD contains the following components:

  • Music Repertoire
  • Rhythm
  • Voice Flexibility
  • Tonality

This DVD ingeniously teaches these components through character interactions (Mo, Gloria, Clara, Pete, Snare and Sunny) songs and dancing. For example, my children (ages 6, 4 and 3) were able to pat their knees along to the movement within the song and learned how to “move to the beat”. They loved clapping, marching, swaying and patting their knees and head throughout “I Love Music”. My daughter (age 4) loves to sing so she particularly enjoys the chapter on “Voice Flexibility” where she practices singing in a soft voice matching the pitch in the song. In the chapter, “Tonality” the DVD introduces the musical scale and we learned about the tonal patterns for “Do, Mi and Sol”.

In my opinion this curriculum is invaluable in teaching young children at an early age to appreciate music. As a parent, I have wanted to expose them to music theory but was not sure how to do this at their young ages. The Tuneables™ is the perfect solution because it is engaging, interactive and really captures their attention. With bright animation, fun characters and wonderful music and songs, this DVD is a hit with all three of my children. The accompanying parents guide is also very helpful and gives me an overview of the DVD as well as additional ideas for further activities to practice the music lessons. For example, we did a fun project by filling glasses with water and used a stick to tap the glass listening to the various sounds.

“The Music Box” CD is getting a lot of requested play in our home. It is the supplement to the Tuneables™ DVD series and focus music learning on:

  • Moving to the Beat (Rhythm)
  • Hearing and singing tonal patterns using the tones, “Do, Mi and Sol” (Tonal)
  • Immersing in the sounds and melodies of classical music (Listening)
  • Expanding repertoire of classic children’s songs. (Repertoire)

The songs are fun and enjoyable and my children enjoy singing the lyrics while practicing their pitch/tonality and moving to the beat. Favorites includes “Go, Giddy-Up, Go”, “I Love Music!”, “This Old Man” and “Teddy Bear”.

I am so impressed with The Tuneables™ DVD series and CD because it is such an innovative way to expose young children to music in a way where they will be learning by having a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Sponsored by The Music Intelligence Project, The Tuneables™ is truly the ABC’s of music learning and will remain a part of our school curriculum. I would recommend The Tuneables™ for anyone with children ages 3-8 or music teachers, preschools etc.

You are invited to visit The Tuneables™ website to learn more about this program or to purchase your copy. The Tuneables™ DVD and Music Box CD are sold together for only $29.99 but you can also purchase either one individually.

*I did not receive any financial compensation for this review, though I did review a sample of the product for evaluation purposes. The opinions are based only on my experiences with the product. Thanks to Childs Play PR for this review opportunity.*


Maureen is a SAHM who left the Corporate healthcare field to home educate her 6, 7 and 8 year old children. She is a voracious reader for both herself & her kids and also enjoys a natural and organic lifestyle. She lives in Orlando, Fl with her husband Mark, three children and 5 year old boxer, Jack.

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