Off to Los Angeles! #DisneyDreamWorksEvent

I cannot believe how quickly the L.A. trip snuck up on me! Just a couple of weeks ago, time was passing very slowly as the excitement built up of reuniting with old friends and getting to make new ones, while also getting to see a very anticipated film, Real Steel , and some select footage from The Muppets Movie .

A couple of new things have been added to our final itinerary, and I’m so excited to tell you about the new additions. There’s a lot that is going to be covered over the next few weeks, so I’m going to highlight my favorite additions:

1. Sunday, September 25th: Along with meeting Hugh Jackman, Shawn Levy, Anthony Mackie, and Sugar Ray Leonard, we are also going to be speaking with Erik Nash, who is the Visual Effects Supervisor. But that’s not all!! Two of the A.I. stars of Real Steel will also be there: Noisy Boy and Atom, as well as their puppeteer. After being awed by the commercials of the robots boxing, I have been dying to learn more about how the effects work. This will be such an amazing experience for me!

2. Monday, September 26th: We’ll be visiting the Jim Henson Company Lot, where we’ll get a tour of the exterior of the buildings as well as background information. We’re even getting to visit exact locations where the new Muppets movie was filmed! This is a dream visit for a Muppets fan!

At the time I’m writing this, it’s 11:17 p.m. and I am still only half packed. Instead of checking my bag this time, I am going to stow my luggage overhead. I’m really kind of nervous about this, because I’ve always checked bags before. I am going to be traveling as light as I possibly can, so wish me luck that everything goes smoothly. I’ve checked the measurements of my bag against what is allowed for carry-on for Delta, and everything looks good. Now it’s just a matter of finishing the packing.

Writing for Stacie’s site has introduced me to some amazing companies and products. Some of those products have found their way into my suitcase:

• Naomi & Nicole intimate wear: Why? Because the waist cincher is an absolute must. I look and feel just a bit skinnier wearing it, and under a black shirt I really get some curvy definition. I love it! I’m also bringing the two pairs of panties I was sent because they are so soft against my skin, and they are seamless so there will be no lines underneath my skirts or pants.

• Sibu Beauty Face & Body Bar : Why? Because it’s a 2-in-1 bar that you can use on both your face and body. This is perfect for travel because it’s not a liquid (no spillage, and 1 less 4 oz. limit to worry about), but it will leave your skin feeling soft to the touch. I’ve actually had this for a while, and need to do a full review on all of the amazing Sibu Beauty products I’ve been using.

• ShaToBu : Why? Even though I’m packing sneakers and workout clothes, I may not have time to exercise while I’m away from home. Since I may not get to eat as healthy as I might like, this is a good way for me to burn some calories while just moving around like normal.

My flight departs at 11:20 a.m. tomorrow, but I doubt I’ll be sleeping very much with all of this excitement! We’re in for a couple of amazing days, which I’ll surely be talking about for weeks to come.

Movie reviews, video clips, character outlines, and more are in the works, so keep checking for all the latest updates about our Hollywood experience!

Check the Simply Stacie Twitter feed for updates while I’m gone, or keep up with me on my personal Twitter account .

*Disney/Dreamworks is providing me with an all expenses paid trip to Los Angeles to see an advance screening of Real Steel and select footage from The Muppets Movie. All thoughts are my own.*


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