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Guidecraft Educational Toys Review

Simply Stacie is honored to be a part of the Guidecraft Educators blog team along with a fabulous group of bloggers. Each month, I will be featuring quality educational products from Guidecraft and one of our team members will host an exciting giveaway on their blog. This is a wonderful opportunity for Simply Stacie readers to learn more about Guidecraft, check out new blogs and have a chance to win fabulous prizes from Guidecraft!

This month, I would like to introduce you to the high quality educational toys available at Guidecraft. There is a wide selection of learning toys that stimulate creativity, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills including eco-friendly toys, manipulatives, puzzles, construction toys, blocks and more. Additionally……each toy is fun to play with and is sure to engage young children for hours of enjoyment.

My three children love toys that encourage problem-solving and my three year old son in particular enjoys putting together the “Sun Sorter” (USD $25) which is an eco-friendly puzzle sorter that includes 12 pieces and a circular tray made of rubberwood and stained with low VOC dyes. He will first sort the pieces by color and shape and then he assembles the puzzle to create a “sun” shape. While he is completing the “Sun Sorter”, I use this as an opportunity to engage him by asking additional questions about colors, shapes and patterns.

My personal favorite toys to use in my curriculum is the “Fraction Action Board” (USD $25) and “Fraction Cups” which offers an excellent way to introduce fractions to younger children. For example, my four and six year old children are able to manipulate the Fraction Action Board to learn the concept of whole, ½, ¼ etc. This set includes 18 large wood pieces as well as the tray which makes storing it easy. We have explored fraction basics in the recent past so it was enjoyable for me to see the “light turn on” in their eyes as they were able to successfully put together this puzzle and explain each fraction on this action board as well as the “Fraction Cups”.

The “One to Four Sorter” (USD $25) is a great option to reinforce counting and early math skills in addition to shapes and colors. I actually use this toy successfully as part of a rehabilitation program for my youngest son who has a disabling scar on his wrist/hand from a burn. The stacking and sorting motion stimulates his hand eye coordination and his rehabilitative therapist commented that this is an excellent exercise for him and she is going to learn more about other similar products from Guidecraft for her own therapeutic work with other children.

All of the Guidecraft toys and manipulatives are wonderful for promoting gross motor skills, sensory perception and can even enhance the child’s overall development. For somewhat older children such as my six year old and four year old, you can vary the difficulty level by mixing up several of the toys and letting them sort the pieces for the appropriate puzzles and then put each one together. I always value watching the child successfully complete the task which in turn further builds their self-confidence and creates a positive learning experience.

Overall, I am very pleased with the quality of the educational, learning toys available at Guidecraft. These would make excellent gift ideas for toddlers and young children and it is sure to be a hit.

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