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Cinderella 11pm | Site Review

Cinderella 11pm is the type of blog that makes you lose track of time. Trust me, I just spent a good hour devouring posts from the site. It’s hard not to lose yourself in the luxury hotel and restaurant reviews, soul nurturing posts and the humorous cartoons. This is a site unlike any other I have seen online and it’s simply fantastic! I’m sure you will agree once you check it out too.

I have been a fan of fairytales since I was a little girl. Cinderella was always my favourite one and still is. I loved her story of a rags to riches girl finding her true love with the help of her magical fairy godmother and her mice friends. Laura Garber aka Cinderella from Cinderella 11pm was also a fan of Grimm’s Fairy Tales. In fact, they were what inspired her to start her magical site, Cinderella 11pm!

Luxury Travel

If you want to be swept away on an adventure, then visit the Luxury Travel section of Cinderella 11pm. Here you can find hotel reviews, restaurant reviews, tourist attractions, transportation, trip ideas and more. My personal favourites were the hotel reviews and the restaurant reviews because I have a passion for travelling and food. I would LOVE to be able to stay at these hotels. It would be like a dream come true. Take for example this review of Ocean House in Watch Hill, RI. Do you know how amazing it would be to stay in a place like this? I always dreamed of living in a mansion with beautiful architecture like this one.

I also enjoyed reading Cinderella’s review of Glenmere Mansion in Chester, New York. It was interesting reading a first hand account of what it’s really like to visit.

Restaurant Reviews

I’ve always been the first of my friends to try out a new dish or restaurant. I like to think of myself as someone who is willing to try anything at least once. In fact, I always secretly thought about becoming a chef. Instead, I’m a blogger who just likes to eat and appreciates new and interesting recipes. The restaurant reviews on Cinderella 11pm made my mouthwater. The photography is beautiful, crisp and clean and showcases each dish in all its glory.

Take for example this review of the Cheesecake Factory ~ I’ve never been but it’s on my bucket list! Cinderella dined on Avocado Eggrolls, Thai Lettuce Wraps, Factory Chopped Salad, Spicy Chipotle Chicken Salad, Cajun Jambalaya, Chicken Madeira and for dessert, Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake and Red Velvet Cheesecake. Oh my!

I enjoyed browsing through all the restaurant reviews because seriously these dishes are like works of art and look so amazing! Check out her most recent review of Marche Moderne in Costa Mesa, CA. I was actually just in Costa Mesa last month!

Tourist Attractions

If you are looking for vacation ideas, this is the site to visit. Cinderella explores tourist attractions in all areas of the country. It was neat being able to live vicariously through her posts and see what the different places have to offer. I’ve heard great things about the San Diego Zoo and enjoyed reading about her experience and seeing the pictures of all the animals. Check out the picture of the Panda bear!

Her post about Hillwood Estate & Gardens in Washington DC was my personal favourite and I would be in heaven if I could visit one. Could you imagine living in house like this? It would be like a real fairytale!

Between the hotel, restaurant and travel attractions reviews, I was swept away by my imagination on my dream vacation. Her posts are honest, interesting and allowed me to picture myself having the time of my life travelling to places I never even knew existed.

Body, Brain Heart & Soul

In Cinderella 11pm’s Body, Brain, Heart & Soul section you will find a variety of posts to inspire, nurture, grow and improve and all of them of course have beautiful photographs. She offers great words of advice in her section, Conscious Awareness with titles like Being Lonely and Dear God Please.

In Curmudgeon, Cinderella offers her thoughts and opinions about various topics in an honest and open voice. One post I found especially interesting was her take of Children on Airplanes. I’ve travelled with young kids and I have to say it’s not easy. I think her points are valid and I think a separate area for the kids to let loose would save parents (and other travellers) a lot of stress!

In Gratitude & Appreciation, Cinderella gives thanks to her readers and friends. In fact, she does shout outs to readers who leave comments on her site and acknowledges them by featuring the Top 25 Commenters on the sidebar of the Body, Brain, Heart & Soul Section.

Under Miscellaneous you can find a bunch of neat posts including Book Reviews, Movie Reviews, Music Reviews, Gift Ideas, Personal posts (love the posts about her pets), current events, and of course, updates on the Royal Family. I recently watched the movie, The Help, and enjoyed Cinderella’s review and discussion with her readers about the movie.

Make sure to check out the other sections in Body, Brain, Heart & Soul including Inspiring, Random Blitherings, and Charity.

Of course being a HUGE giveaway fanatic, I was blown away by the giveaways on this site. Seriously. For example, right now you can win a $300 Spa Gift Card to the spa of your choice! The entries are all very simple and straightforward. It’s just leaving a comment. Some of the past giveaway prizes include a$300 Amazon Gift Card, $300 Cheesecake Factory Gift Card, $1300 Value for a 2 night stay at a gorgeous historic bed & breakfast in Charleston, SC.  Plus, I’ve been told there’s more fantastic giveaways to come so this is a site you will want to bookmark.

If you are looking for a laugh, visit the Politically Incorrect section and enjoy the cartoons about politics, entertainment, etc. Here’s one that went up recently called Happy Labor Day.

Cinderella 11pm has become of my favourite sites  and I’m so glad I found it. With the gorgeous photography, luxury travel  and restaurant reviews, and posts to help you grow and be inspired, this site has it all. Follow along with Cinderella on all her adventures by subscribing to this spectacular blog!

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*This post is brought to you by Cinderella 11pm. Opinions expressed are my own.*

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