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Shark Portable Steam Cleaner vs. Shower & Bathtub

A few days ago I posted about my bathroom cleaning mission with the Shark Portable Steam Cleaner from Canadian Tire. Today I finished the job in both my upstairs and downstairs bathroom. I saved my two least favourite jobs for last- the standup shower downstairs and our bathtub upstairs.

I started with the shower on the main floor. John and I are planning to remodel the downstairs bathroom and get a new shower and add a bathtub. For now, I have to make do with the old stand up shower. As long as it’s clean I don’t care for now!

I started with the soap holders on the shower wall. There’s two of them and they can get pretty gross with hard, stuck on soap. Again, this was no match for the Shark and using a nylon bristle brush attachment. I was able to get it off very easily.



I used the squeegee cleaning pocket attachment for the shower walls. It works excellent on glossy surfaces like windows, mirrors and shower doors. It removed all the soap residue on the walls.

For the shower floor, I returned to the nylon bristle brush and scrubbed the cracks and crevices. I like that it was able to clean small spaces and then all I had to do was wipe clean with a paper towel.

I think it did a wonderful job! My shower is old, but it looks 100% better now that its as clean as it will ever be!

One thing I like about the Shark Portable Steam Cleaner is that it uses only the power of steam to clean. You simply add water and you are ready to go.

The bathtub upstairs is mainly used by John and the kids. It’s a footed bathtub that has seen better days. I don’t think it will ever be pure white again because the enamel has worn off.  Still, I do my best with what I have and wanted to give the Shark Portable Steam Cleaner a try and see how it would do.

I used the  nylon bristle attachment to scrub it and then wiped off any soap scum or dirt. It worked like a charm!

Have you ever used a steam cleaner to clean your bathroom?

As a Canadian Tire Home Crew member I was provided with a free product (Shark Portable Steam Cleaner) and an honorarium for my participation in the program. All opinions expressed are my own.

This Home Crew post highlights my stories & tips with promotional consideration made possible by Canadian Tire. If you want to uncover your home’s true potential, stay tuned to the Home Crew for my missions. 


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