Book Review | Transformation

Title: Transformation

Author: Kimmel Tippets

My Review:

Transformation by Kimmel Tippets is a YA Sci-Fi Fantasy novel, about a teenaged girl, named Emily. The description of Transformation sounded promising, but unfortunately, the book failed to live up to my expectations. Here’s the back story on the book, Emily is sick and tired of her mother making her move again and again. She fails to consider how constantly moving would impact Emily’s development. Finally, exasperated, Emily decides to give her grandmother a call. A woman whom her mother never spoke of and Emily had never met. Totally disregarding this fact, she asks her grandmother if she can come and live with her in Portland. Her grandmother agrees, much to her mother’s protestations. Despite her hesitance but her mother soon decides to allow Emily to move in with her grandmother.

Emily arrives at her grandmother’s home expecting, a nice old lady, who bakes cookies and spoils her rotten. What she gets, is a surprise indeed. Emily’s grandmother is in fact evil, I normally don’t throw the word evil around, but in this situation, it’s the only word that can be used. Her grandmother soon after Emily’s arrival makes it quite known that she doesn’t like her, and that she wants to control everything and everyone. Unfortunately, for Emily, ticking off her grandmother comes rather easily, which is why she finds herself a victim. It turns out her grandmother has a rather unusual method when dishing out punishments. She turns people into mythical creatures, including her granddaughter, Emily.

I was a bit disappointed in Emily’s reaction, after being transformed. Actually, she didn’t really react; she too easily accepted her new fate. Another problem for me was her mother’s reaction, when she found out that her daughter was cursed by her grandmother. Certainly she showed some concern, but not enough. I just kept asking myself the question, why would she allow Emily to remain in that house? For example, I am quite sure that my mother would have moved mountains to get me out of that house, if she had found out that my grandmother had turned me into some animal. That wasn’t the case with Emily’s mother; she was quite calm about the situation, which was inexplicable. Emily eventually teams up with Sean, a “boy” from school, whom her grandmother also cursed, due to Emily’s budding relationship with him. She discovers that Sean possesses a quality that her grandmother’s other victims did not possess and she hopes that just maybe, he’s the answer she’s been looking for. As expected, Emily and Sean are forced to depend on one another in order to end her grandmother’s evil.

Transformation failed to capture my mind and imagination. I do however commend Tippets for the different spin on the genre; it just fell short in some places. Throughout the book, I was hoping and searching for a reason to explain Emily’s grandmother’s behavior. The only reasoning given was “control”. Desiring control doesn’t necessarily lead to evil; therefore, I wasn’t sold on this explanation. The characters in Transformation, weren’t really likeable, not even Emily. I didn’t find myself rooting for her or anyone for that matter. Perhaps just a smidgen more of character development would have solved this problem. Despite, my opinion of the book, I will not tell others not to read it. The beauty of books, is that, what I may not like, another may think is just fabulous. Tastes vary, therefore, try Transformation, you just might like it.

*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*


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