Book Review | The Whole Package

Title: The Whole Package

Author: Cynthia Ellingsen

About the Book:

It’s a man’s world-but in this outrageous debut, the girls aren’t playing by the rules.

For lifelong friends Jackie, Cheryl, and Doris, life hasn’t turned out according to plan. But after a drunken night sampling the delights at a strip club for women, the ladies stumble upon an ingenious idea and open up The Whole Package-the world’s first restaurant staffed exclusively by very attractive men. Mixing business with pleasure can be risky, but for these three best friends, getting a little bit outrageous just might be what it takes to make their mark in the world.

My Review:

You should count yourself lucky if you’ve ever experienced a friendship as strong and lasting as the one between Jackie, Cheryl, and Doris. The friendship between the trio was, for me, the highlight of the book.

From the first few pages I was hooked. The reader is introduced to each character individually. You meet Jackie in Paris as she confronts a snobby French girl in line to buy a chocolate croissant. I loved Jackie’s sassiness immediately. Cheryl is full of ambition and drive. She is the type of woman that it feels impossible to live up to. Doris is the most relatable. She suffers from depression and a teenage daughter who hates her and a marriage that is falling apart. The three of them together create a perfect blend of comedy and sincerity that will help women to put a smile on their faces.

My only complaint was some slight inconsistencies with Doris’ character. I had a really hard time picturing her as a rebel and trouble maker in high school when she was so straight laced, borderline obsessive as an adult. It wasn’t enough for me to be turned off by the book though. Doris was actually my favorite character as far as development and comedy. She had some of the best lines.

The story was written so well. I constantly found myself laughing out loud to a funny line or cringing as something went horribly wrong. On the opening night of The Whole Package I think I was just as nervous as the girls as they opened the doors to the public. I love feeling invested in a story like that.

The ending was what I was hoping for. It proves that friendship is strong. No matter what the problem is, it can be overcome when you have some true friends.

*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*


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