Book Review | Broken Birds

Title: Broken Birds, The Story of My Momila

Author: Jeannette Katzir

My Review:

It’s interesting to me that no matter what happens human nature doesn’t change. Circumstances change, places change, but human nature? Not so much. Jeannette Katzir’s book Broken Birds: The Story of Momila typifies that perfectly.

Broken Birds is a memoir about a woman and her family. Jaclyn is a first-generation American Jew whose parents emigrated here after the concentration camps were closed after World War II. Her mother Channa is a very manipulating, overbearing woman who lords over the family well into their adulthood and even after her death. Along with the story of Jacyln’s life, we learn about the histories of her parents and their experiences during the war.

Katzir was able to flawlessly weave the experiences of her family’s history as an explanation for their current behavior. It was very interesting to me that her parents were able to go back to normalcy quickly yet at the same time, odd habits surfaced. I also found it kind of funny that the family dynamics were very much like the stereotypical Jewish family. I didn’t really expect that, though maybe I should have.

Overall, Broken Birds was a good read. It flowed well and none of it confused me. I would recommend it to anyone who likes memoirs or learning about life in snapshots of history.

*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*

Jen S.

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