Babar: The Classic Series DVD Review

Title: Babar the Classic Series: Best Friends Forever and Babar the Classic Series: School Days

As a young girl, I have wonderful memories of my beloved Meme (grandmother) reading classic Babar stories aloud to me in French and as I got older, I would read many more Babar adventures translated into English. Years later, I am so excited to share the magic and excitement of Babar with my own three young children. Babar: The Classic Series, continues to captivate young and old(er) alike as the stories are brought to life on two new DVDs.

Babar: Best Friends Forever includes four episodes featuring Babar and his family and friends as they learn important lessons on “cooperation, teamwork and understanding.” My children especially enjoyed the episode, “Friendly Agreement” when Cornelius and Pompadour have a fight and vow never to speak again. Viewing this at just the right time because my two boys had a recent fight over their toys and were no longer speaking to one another, my boys decided that their argument was “silly” and they began to wrestle as a sign that they were best friends again. We also enjoyed “City Ways”, “An Elephant’s Best Friend” and “Best Friends”.

Babar: School Days on DVD features four fun episodes that follows Babar on his school adventures and teaches “acceptance, honesty and patience.” This timely DVD examines situations that include bullying which has been a hot topic in school recently, a lesson in lying and acceptance of everyone’s uniqueness.

Each DVD in the Babar: The Classic Series has 90 minutes of run time and I appreciate that each entertaining episode also teaches an important lesson or value to young children. I really enjoyed watching these two DVD titles with my children and it shows that Babar remains a timeless classic that has been enjoyed by generations of families with the next group of younger children continuing to be captivated by the beloved elephant and his family and friends.

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