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Week Seven on Nutrisystem #NSNation

I’m now just starting my 8th week on Nutrisystem. By now, if I had been more faithful to my “lifestyle change” (it’s not a diet, it’s not a diet, etc.) I would have lost about 7 lbs. as of today. I had a few setbacks, including indulging on soda, not drinking enough water, and having a large heaping of dessert.

My birthday was on August 20th, and it was the last time that I ate something I truly should not have. (Darn those free birthday meals!) But it was my birthday, and if you remember that movie Sixteen Candles with Molly Ringwald, I’ve always disliked my birthdays as much as she did. (But she got the guy in the end…so all that badness evened out for her, right?) This year, my birthday was great! Nothing went wrong, I had a great meal, and fun times with family and friends.

After Saturday, I really concentrated on what went into my mouth. I was probably weighing in around 147 or 148 by that day, I’m not really positive. I ignored the scale and just did my best to make sure that I ate only things approved by Nutrisystem. I cheated and weighed myself yesterday, and was thrilled to see that it said 146.4. I dared to hope that today would bring me to 145.

Before I stepped on the scale this morning, with an empty bladder and stomach, I sent up a little prayer to the scale gods, fervently wishing I had finally reached the 5 lb. milestone.

AND I HAD!!!!!

So I’m elated to tell you all that I weighed in at 145.8 this morning. This is the moment where I am finally beginning to believe that Nutrisystem WORKS. It’s not so much the meals that they provide–though it’s certainly a huge part of it–but visually seeing the smaller portion sizes. I’m no longer thinking of meals in huge platters like what’s served at Olive Garden. It’s also the addition of fruits and veggies to my diet. I’m still not a veggie fan, but I do like salads and vegetable juice. I would seriously be in trouble if I didn’t have my V8 juice (low sodium, of course!).

Before Nutrisystem, I very rarely ate breakfast. I never felt hungry. Sometimes I wouldn’t even eat something until dinner that night, and when we went out, it was one of those huge platters. Like my daughter would say, “I’m too busy” (this is what she says when I want her to sit on the potty or eat her own breakfast). But it’s important to make time for those meals. My body and mind are happier to have them now. I look forward to breakfast now. Even though I don’t have a huge appetite in the morning (remember that a Nutrisystem breakfast is 1 Nutrisystem meal, 1 fruit, and 1 protein or 1 dairy) so I use raisins for my fruit.

The only frustrating thing about this is that I don’t really see any difference in myself physically yet. My shirts and pants don’t feel any looser, I still have a tiny gut thing going on, and my thighs still look sort of big to me. Occasionally my friends tell me that I look like I have lost some weight, but I wonder if they are just being nice or if they see something that I do not.

I’m ready to get serious more serious about this journey. 5 lbs. is a really big deal to me. I never thought I would be struggling to lose weight. In college I was still wearing XS and S sizes from Wet Seal. These days, I’m lucky if I can fit a L in a store like that. Maybe I won’t ever be an XS or a S again, but I’d settle for a M.

I’m looking forward to losing the first 10 lbs. Once I get there, and start to possibly see the results in myself, I think that losing the rest of the weight will be a lot easier!

Here are my measurements for today, too:

  • Upper Arms: 10.5
  • Chest: 36
  • Waist: 32
  • Hips: 37
  • Thighs: 22

Take control of your life and learn how to lose weight while eating healthy on Nutrisystem. All it takes is one phone call to 1-888-853-4689 or a quick visit to their website.

*Nutrisystem is providing me with 4 months of free food and support service as part of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger program. In exchange, I will be posting each week with my progress. All thoughts expressed are my own, and my experience using the system may vary from that of other participants.*


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