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Scentsy Review

I have to start off by saying that I am actually not a huge fan of scented candles and air fresheners. Most are far too strong for my liking and in the end they don’t really mask odors but blend with them, creating an even more disgusting funk in your home. Despite my reservations, I was excited to have the opportunity to try Scentsy, the wickless candle system! I have had pets my whole life so even though I do occasionally enjoy using candles, I feel far more comfortable limiting my use of them because you just never know when your cat is going to decide that he should jump up on the table and set it on fire! Now that we have a baby in the house it seems even more important to have a way to safely infuse your house with fragrance.

Scentsy sells a huge variety of warmers to melt the scented wax of your choice. These warmers plug into the wall and use a low-watt bulb to melt the wax. Of particular interest to new mothers such as myself is the Nursery Collection of warmers. These mid-size warmers are decorated to add a sweet touch to your nursery while also helping you keep your baby’s room sweet smelling as well. The three designs are based on classic nursery rhymes. My favorite is Twinkle which features a verse of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”. The white ceramic is covered with multiple twinkling stars with a green swatch of color in the background. I love how the little holes scattered throughout the warmer allow the light to shine through when you turn the warmer on.

Now for the most important part- the scents! I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved them! I got to try Camu Camu which is a deliciously fruity, tropical smell. It is a part of the Favorites line and rightfully so. The blend of mandarin, camu camu and passionfruit brings to mind tropical drinks on the breach. Another amazing scent is Sugar Cookie from the Corner Café line. This sweet scent will make your house smell like you are always baking! The best part about both of these is that neither is overpowering and both provide just the right amount of fragrance for your home. With over 80 scents, you are bound to find several that will be your favorites!

Scentsy also sells plug-ins, car fresheners (called Scentsy circles), room sprays and more! Go to for more information and to find a consultant near you.

*I did not receive any financial compensation for this review, though I did review a sample of the product for evaluation purposes. This giveaway is not related to Facebook in any way. The opinions are based only on my experiences with the product.*


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