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Get all of the Royalty Free Stock Photos you need at Fotolia provides a legal way for sellers and buyers to sell and buy, high quality royalty free stock images. With one of the largest image selections on the market, Fotolia offers affordable royalty free images, illustrations and vectors, plus photographers and designers are constantly adding new photos and illustrations daily, so that means that there is always something new and you have a very good chance of finding exactly what your looking for.

Fotolia images can come in handy if your a blogger. At Fotolia you can find photos,videos or illustrations that can be added to your blog posts, used to make a button or banner or used to give your blog a makeover.

If your looking for a change for your blog then Fotolia is the place for you. Find images and illustrations that can be used to get the new look you want. It’s a fun, easy and inexpensive way to design your blog. The best part is that you can do it yourself because the images are already created, so the hard part is over.

I was in desperate need for a change on my blog so I finally decided it was time for a blog makeover for myself. I wanted something simple but welcoming, that I could change my background occasionally, for the holidays, seasons, etc., without it being a dramatic change.

Searching on Fotolia is surprisingly easy. Just type in the keywords your looking for in the search area and check the boxes for the image choices you want your keywords searched and that’s it. Fotolia will give you pages and pages of images for you to start browsing through. While searching you will notice on the left hand side of your screen has a long grey box that says Similia. Similia is a technology that recommends images that may interest you, based on your search behavior. I check my similia box regularly because they find some great images that I otherwise may have not found.

I spent days browsing through images and as I liked images I took advantage of the ” Add to My Lightbox” feature so I could put all of my favorite images aside and go back and download them when I’m ready. After a few days of browsing I had a good selection of girl images/logos and backgrounds in my lightbox , so I went through and eliminated them one at a time until I decided which one I wanted to use as my blogs new logo.

Once your ready to purchase an image, all you have to do is add it to you shopping cart, check the box to the size you want and click and agree at the bottom and your image is ready to download. Downloading images are quick and easy and literally only take a second. After purchasing your image you have 72 hours to download it. If for any reason you don’t download it right away after you purchase it or you lose it, you can go back to your account and click the My Files tab and all of your purchased images will be in that file. If you have a green light that means you can still download that file and if you have a red light it means your file is no longer available for download.

I have found that the one image of my new logo alone has been extremely useful and has allowed me to make just about everything that I needed for my new blog design. I was able to use the image in my header, along with some text for the name of my blog and my tagline, plus a border and it was done. My button was just as quick and even easier to make. I resized the image so it was small enough to fit in a standard 125×125 button area, added text for my blogs name and then a border and my button was done.

I was also able to create pages for my Facebook and Twitter accounts with my new logo. Again for each I had to resize my logo so it would fit in the design, I added the text that I wanted and on my Facebook welcome and thank you pages I added my social media icons that I already have. If you don’t already have social media icons you can find social media images and different shape images on Fotolia that will make it easy for you to make your own.

All you need to do this is Fotolia images and some sort of editing software. If you don’t have an editing software you can download or GIMP for free.

So far the only cost for my blog makeover and all of my buttons, banners and social media pages is two Fotolia images. One for my girl/logo and one for my background and I was able to get a lot out of my girl logo. Yes it was a little time consuming but I had fun redesigning and it saved me a lot of money, not having to pay someone else. For my girl image/logo I chose to get her under the Vector license for only 8 credits. This is the largest size image available and there aren’t any limits on it. I’ve searched and even purchased other similar images on other sites and they normally range anywhere from 15 credits for a small image with low dpi to 50 credits for a higher dpi. Which is a lot more expensive and it usually comes out to about a dollar per credit.

The logo/image that I chose is available at Fotolia in a variety of sizes and cost 1 – 8 credits. You can view the image and options here.

When purchasing images for your blog and your social medias I recommend that you purchase images that are @300 dpi or higher. In this images case you would want to purchase the M Standard/ 5 credits or higher.

You can view the images dpi under the resolution and dimensions section. The size will be much larger than you need so you’ll have to resize it but you’ll have a nice clear image and it won’t look blurry at all.

As you can see I went with a plain background for now on my design but it won’t be that way for long because I now have a selection of Fotolia files that I love that will be perfect for my background. Backgrounds are also easy to swap out. Many blogs have a separate header and background image section so all you have to do is upload it into your blog and save and your Fotolia background will be visible. Here are a few of my favorites.

Some of the images available at Fotolia have more than one option. For instance, check out the images below. Each image allows four different options. All you have to do is crop them down (available on more free software’s) and you have four backgrounds instead of one.

With Fotolia you can get the blog makeover you want at an affordable price. And the best part is with Fotolia you can do it yourself.

Depending on how often you use images or the amount that you need daily, Fotolia has a credit system and a subscription system available for purchasing images. If you use images occasionally then the credit system would be best for you. You can purchase the amount of credits you desire and then whenever you need an image you can login to you account and download whatever images you need until you run out of credits. If you use a lot of images or would like to get images daily then a superscription plan is what you want. Subscription plans allow you to download anywhere from 25 to 250 downloads per day. Subscriptions allow you to the save the most and you can get your images for as little as $0.14 each.

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