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Coupon Advice From A Frugal Blogger

Did you know?

In the U.S. last year, coupon usage set an all time record with 332 billion coupons redeemed for $3.7 billion total value!! And 1.5% of coupons redeemed came from the web from sites like Of course, the most redeemed was from the inserts found in the Sunday Paper. With prices of items rising and package size shrinking, does it not make more sense now to use coupons?

I’m here to help you to “Don’t Waste Another Dollar”!

I did have some excuses as to not clip a coupon:

  • Too much work
  • Didn’t have the time
  • Can’t afford to buy the paper every week
  • They are no good ones for the foods we buy

When I started on this journey of clipping coupons, I didn’t think I would be blogging about it to begin with. But I was finding/getting things for FREE and less than $1!! I just had to share the information, not just with my friends and family, but WITH EVERYONE!! I am not an extreme couponer by NO MEANS of that popular show! I can save my family between 50-70%. That makes me happy.

So I’ve decided to share some of my tips to help you get started. Everyone shops and coupons differently. So keep that in mind.

Track Price Cycles

Yes, I went to my favorite stores (Wal-mart, Sam’s Club, Kroger’s) and did a price list of things that I bought the most. Some items go on sale at regular intervals. You will probably see a trend in 3-4 months.

Get the Sunday Paper

Find out, how much it cost to get your Sunday paper delivered to you. In my area, I cannot just get the Sunday paper alone, but have to also get the Thursday for the better discount. But hey, it sure beats driving to the store to get it.

Check Your Store’s Policy

Call or stop by the customer service desk, even now a day’s most will have it online, just to see if it has changed recently. Never know when they will do that unexpectedly! Some Grocery stores will double or even triple so it’s good to ask.


Sales are good! So wait if you can! Look for discount codes for online shopping or shop by using Ebates, Shop at Home, or anything you use to get cash back.

Sales at Grocery stores are good and you can probably save up to 20% by just doing your shopping on sale items. But using coupons on those items that are on sale and your percentage of savings will go higher! Just wait it gets good, using coupons on sale items with Store coupons, cha ching! The deal just got even sweeter! You will need to know which stores will let you stack your coupons (using one store and one manufacturer coupon together). Yes some do!

Lastly, WATCH during checkout

Online and in store, it’s all the same!! This is where most of the error of using coupons/discount codes will occur! So have a watchful eye.

Just remember that couponing/saving money is a skill. It takes practice and if you want to save your dollars then you will take the time needed in learning to do so. I’ve only been using coupons for 17 months now and I’m still learning that every store is different.

This guest post was written by Joannie “Joey” Strange. A Christian, wife, mother and resides in Ohio after serving in the United States Air Force for 8 years. She started her frugal blog in 2010 after leaving the work force in 2009 to be a stay-at-home mom to her then 2 kids. Her family went from a two income family down to one. Joey had to find ways on how to better save for her family and that’s how her couponing journey began.