The Help

Chapters 30 to 34 Discussion Questions for The Help Read-Along

Here’s the last set of discussion questions for The Help Read-Along.

Why does Minny make excuses for Leroy? What kind of options did a black woman have if she wanted to escape her abusive husband in 1964?

All of the white women seem to be reading Help, but everything is not going according to how Minny and Skeeter thought it would go. Instead, everyone is saying that the book is about Jackson and maids are getting fired left and right. Do you think Skeeter, Aibileen, and Minny made a mistake by writing the book? Why or why not?

How does Mae Mobley demonstrate that Aibileen’s lessons have gotten through to her?

In what ways is Kathryn Stockett similar to Skeeter? How is she different? (Hint: read the afterword at the end of the book.)


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