The Help

Chapters 26 to 29 Discussion Questions for The Help Read Along

Here’s the next set of discussion questions for The Help Read-Along.

1. In Chapter 26, Minny tells Celia why she did the Terrible Awful to Hilly, and why no one would hire her. Did Minny handle the situation correctly, in your opinion? Had you been in Minny’s situation, what might you have done to get even with Hilly?

2. Skeeter is determined to become a serious writer. In what ways does Ms. Stein drive Skeeter to work harder and dig deeper? How do you feel about the deadline Skeeter is given? Is this an accurate depiction of how publishing houses work, or is Ms. Stein actually doing Skeeter a very big favor without telling her that?

3. Hilly demonstrates just how much control she has over the League when she ousts Skeeter publicly from her editorial position and appoints herself. Do you feel that the other young women in the League agree with Hilly, or only go along with her because they are frightened of her? Has there ever been any situation in your own life where you have felt like Skeeter at this moment, and what was the situation?

4. Were you surprised that Skeeter accepted Stuart’s proposal? Does it seem like she is even in love with Stuart? In what ways has Skeeter broken away from society’s influences? In what ways is Skeeter still conforming?

5. Through Aibileene’s letter and Skeeter’s mother’s confession, Skeeter finally learns what happened to Constantine. How did the actual events differ from what you predicted several chapters ago? Why might it be harder for Lulabelle to get along in the world in comparison to darker African Americans?


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