The Help

Chapters 21 to 25 Discussion Questions for The Help Read Along

Here’s the next set of discussion questions for The Help Read-Along.

1. Aibileen has a very close relationship with Mae Mobley, unlike Elizabeth, who runs off to get her hair done on the morning of Mae Mobley’s birthday. How does Aibileen make Mae Mobley’s birthday special? Do you think Mae Mobley will remember Aibileen’s little kindnesses when she is older, or will she forget?

2. Compare and contrast Aibileen’s relationship with Mae Mobley and with what you learned about her relationship with the boy she once took care of.

3. How does Skeeter retaliate against Hilly regarding maids being required to use a special bathroom? At this point, do you think Skeeter cares any more about the league or her friendship with Hilly?

4. Minny and Celia experience a very intense moment in Chapter 24. What do Celia’s actions reveal about her character? How might the intruder’s break-in change their relationship?

5. Aibileen cleverly disguises positive lessons about racism in the stories she tells Mae Mobley. How likely is Mae Mobley to grow up with a perspective different than her own mother’s because of Aibileen’s influence?


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