Book Review | A Slender Thread

Title: A Slender Thread (Nal Accent Novels)

Author: Katharine Davis

My Review:

Family dynamics always make for interesting reading. I think I’m often drawn to these types of novels because family relationships can be so complex and family history and relationships between siblings can play such a huge role in developing your own self-identity.

In A Slender Thread, Katharine Davis draws on the relationship between two sisters to promote the pivotal theme of how tenuous relationships can be. Lacey, the older sister, has always been the rock in the relationship between these sisters. She has a loving husband, beautiful twins daughters and a wonderfully warm and inviting home. Her sister Margot, in contrast, has always had a life filled with turmoil. Margot has always seen Lacey, and her home, as a place of refuge where she has been able to heal.

The tides turn, however, when Lacey learns that Margot has a rare and debilitating disease (primary progressive aphasia). As a result of this disease, Margot is slowly losing her ability to form ideas and communicate. She is also desperately trying to shield her daughters from the truth about what is happening to her.

The story becomes even more complex as Margot responds to Lacey’s disease by withdrawing from her own life and trying desperately to do what she can to help Lacey. Lacey’s husband, who has always been very close to his wife, is also pulling away and turns to Margot with the memories of a time they once spent together. Once the girls discover what is happening to their mother, they both respond in very different ways. It is truly a slender thread that is holding this family together.

I enjoyed the richness of this novel and the symbolism, particularly in the title. The “slender thread” represents Lacey’s amazing ability to weave beautiful pieces, but it it also represents the relationship between the sisters and the difficult childhood they endured together as well as the relationship between various members of Lacey’s family once the truth about her disease is shared with her husband and daughters.

I’d recommend A Slender Thread because I appreciated the complexity of the relationships in the novel as well as the beauty in Davis’ writing itself.

*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*


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