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BlogHer 2011 | Top 10 Favourite Booths at the Expo Hall

I had the best time at BlogHer and one of my favourite parts of the trip was the Expo Hall. Being a product review & giveaway blog, I was on cloud nine talking to all these companies and brands interested in working with bloggers! The swag was an added bonus. And boy was their swag! This is my dining room table with most of it.

Many of the booths in the Expo Hall went above and beyond my expectations. Some had elaborate set ups while others were more simple. We went there each day of the conference and we still didn’t even see all the vendors. There was just SO much to see and do!

I have a list here of my personal favourites from the Expo Hall (yes, many are food related). These are the ones that really stand out to me.

1. Hillshire Farm: They had quite the spread of delicious food! Cindi and I even skipped lunch one day and ate at the booth. They had generous portions of yummy sandwiches and pasta dishes. All the recipes are listed on their website. We even did a video confession and I got some free coupons and Cindi got a kid’s DVD.

2. Dannon Oikos Yogurt: This has to be the best yogurt on earth! I thought I was in heaven when I took my first bite. It was sooooo smooth and creamy and reminded me of eating a sinful dessert. I tried the Black Cherry Greek Style Yogurt. I’ve been craving it ever since. This one is a MUST try!

3. King’s Hawaiian: Cindi was in shock that I had never heard of her beloved King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls. They don’t sell them up here as far as I know, but I sure wish they did. They are wonderful. We sampled some of the Sliders (tiny hamburgers)- so so  good!

4. Michael Angelo’s: If you like Italian cuisine, then you will LOVE Michael Angelo’s. We were given generous portions of piping hot Eggplant Parmesan, Calzones, and Chicken Piccata. It tasted so fresh- just like homemade. They use only high quality ingredients and you can recognize all of their ingredients on the box. No junk or fillers!

5. Nimble by Balance: This is an energy, beauty and nutrition bar just for women! I sampled both Peanut Butter and Yogurt Orange Swirl and took some back to my hotel room with me for a snack. They are both healthy and tasty! I want more!

6. Chase Blueprint: We took an online quiz to determine our financial style and then had a hand massage. It felt wonderful!

7. McDonalds: The new Mango Pineapple Real Fruit Smoothie is delicious!

8. Brawny: Cindi and I participated in a cleaning challenge to see who could scrub off some old hardened ketchup off a plate using a Brawny paper towel. I WON! My time was 6 seconds and I’d never even used a Brawny paper towel before- they work great! I wish they sold them in Canada.

9. Skinny Cow: We waited in line for over half an hour for some fake eyelashes. What a huge difference they made! Cindi looked amazing as always. She said the lashes really brought out my eyes which is hard for me wearing glasses that make your eyes look smaller.

10. RetailMeNot: If you signed up for their affiliate program, you could participate in a fun challenge to earn some real money. You stand in this wind blowing machine and try to catch as much monopoly money as you can. The amount you have at the end, they will give you in cold hard cash. Cindi did it and got $55. I was a chicken and didn’t do it. I was scared my shirt was going to blow up and I’d die of embarrassment!

If you went to BlogHer which booth was your personal favourite?

*Thank you to my sponsors, Revenue Curve and Storkbrokers for providing me with a partial sponsorship to attend BlogHer.*

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