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BlogHer 2011 | De Wafelbakkers Pancake Breakfast

Last Saturday, I got up bright and early and met Cindi at Little Yaya’s at my hotel in San Diego (at the BlogHer conference). We then headed up to the De Wafelbakkers Pancake Breakfast! I love pancakes, but had never tried (or even heard of) De Wafelbakkers Pancakes. Unfortunately they aren’t in Canada because I know I would have definitely bought them by now if they were available here!

We met up with Jennifer at Makobi Scribe, Yolanda at Sassy Mama in LA and Anna at Moana Saves and grabbed a coffee. I can’t function without it. I could see other bloggers there already enjoying the pancakes and they smelled delicious!

Before we got our pancakes, we watched the video premiere of the Pancake Hoarders video. It was hilarious! It was spoof on the show “Hoarders” except this lady only hoards De Wafelbakkers pancakes. She even sleeps with them in her bed! To my surprise, there was a voice calling from behind us asking who took her pancakes. It was the same hoarder lady from the video!! They got us good there!!

The pancakes were wonderful! My favourites were the blueberry and the sweet potato pancakes. US folks you can find these in your freezer aisle at your grocery store in a clear bag so pick some up and give them a try! De Waffelbakkers uses the clear bag so you can actually see the product and know what you are getting rather than hiding it away in a cardboard box with a pretty picture.

Want to win $250 cash, a handful of De Wafelbakkers coupons and a De Wafelbakkers insulated grocery tote?

Visit De Wafelbakkers Facebook page and watch the Pancake Hoarders video and then leave a comment below the video and you are entered! You must leave the comment on their Facebook page to count in the giveaway!!!

*Thank you to my sponsors, Revenue Curve and Storkbrokers for providing me with a partial sponsorship to attend BlogHer.*

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