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Are Your Giveaway Entries Lowering Your Google PageRank?


  1. I actually had removed the “grab my button” entry before, as I was trying to reduce some of the amounts of entries I allowed. Then I moved my blog, so I added it back in, so people would have my new button and my link out there. I wanted to encourage updating. I can’t remember if I added it back in on rafflecopter or not.

    I do have “advertise this giveaway” as an entry. But that is just post anywhere, so I wonder if that is ok? Probably not…although my PR has went up each time I am updated.

  2. I now know 3 bloggers that this has happened, too – myself included. I may have other issues, too, but this could be a big part of it! There’s just so much to know!!! 🙁 Great article, though. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. I guess it depends on what your priority for blogging is. If you’re just trying to improve PR, it would make sense to eliminate these. But sharing buttons and having others posting about the giveaway also drives traffic to your site, which I think I’d rather have.

  4. Thanks for spreading the word Stacie! I dont think that very many giveaway authors are aware of the potential harm it can do! I wasn’t either until a few clients started getting problems!

    Thank you so much!


  5. I love Cathy too and that article is a direct result of working with me and my blog. That being said, you will not be seeing Blog about this giveaway for…. points anymore at Leslie Loves Veggies

    I do have a button but it is has a nofollow tag.

    I had a HUGE amount of links into my Blog and google apparently said my site had gone viral. hahahahaha (hard work is not considered going viral.) No I just have a lot of loyal readers and sponsors that like my site and want to enter and work with me. I will never figure google out.. I’ve cried til I can’t cry anymore!

  6. I did those way back when I first started giveaways, but that was only a few times. Now, I just use a few things, like follow me and the company on facebook and twitter and follow by gfc. I also use a main entry, by asking a question that can be answered or something along those lines (like what’s your fave children’s book).

    Glad I stopped doing that a long time ago.

    I have a hard enough time getting comments and running giveaways, I don’t need any extra crazy crap going on. LOL!

  7. Google makes me crazy…how do they know how the link was generated. I get so frustrated by trying to figure out what their rules are every week….it’s like trying to hit a target with a dart in the dark…

  8. While I don’t run give aways on other contests on my site very often, I have never been one to ask very much from my readers to enter. I don’t think I have ever asked them to grab my button, or to write a post on their site. I do use the link ups for give-aways though, and twitter, FB, BF, and all the other popular methods for getting the word out.

    Thanks for sharing this info,

  9. I used to have these in my giveaways as well but stopped using them. Now I am glad I did! Thanks for the information.

  10. Unless you have 100s of badges linking to you in one day, I really don’t see this being an issue for most bloggers. The only reason I personally quit using it myself is that I am not using Rafflecopter for my giveaways and I couldn’t add the the button coding to that.

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