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Are Your Giveaway Entries Lowering Your Google PageRank?

Are Your Giveaway Entries Lowering Your Google PageRank?

I’ve been doing reviews and giveaways for almost 3 years now and am constantly learning. In fact, I think I learn something new every day! Just recently I was reading a post over at Desperately Seeking WP blog and I found a very interesting post called Notice of Unnatural Links.  In this post, Cathy describes how to avoid unnatural links so you aren’t penalized by Google.

So how does this affect those of us who do giveaways? Well, it turns out that Google considers some of the popular entry methods into giveaways as link farming.

Cathy describes link farming as:

Link farming is basically a technique wherein the web owner tries to manipulate his/her site’s search engine ranking by trying to get as many sites to link to his/her website. In other words, if you’re a web owner, avoid excessive linking or asking other web owners to add your website link to theirs. Link farms contain nothing but excessive links and their main goal is to manipulate their site’s search engine rankings.

Two popular entry methods into giveaways are actually considered to be link farming by Google!  How often do you see these entries in giveaways?:

  • Grab my button
  • Blog about the giveaway and leave me the link

Up until a few short months ago, these were entries in my giveaway!! I know we do it only to promote our giveaways and our sites and I never knew we could be penalized for it. That elusive Google PageRank that seems to matter so much can drop if Google thinks you are link farming or “scheming” to get incoming links.

So what to do? I would suggest either removing these entries from your giveaway OR making them nofollow links. There’s another great post on Desperately Seeking WP about how to add nofollow links.

I’m not trying to tell anyone what to do. I just want to present people with this information because I seriously had no clue this was frowned upon by the Google gods. It definitely made me think though!

Do you use these type of entries in your giveaway? If you do, will you continue to use them?


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