Tuesday’s Top Blogs According to Midwestern Moms

Welcome to the third week of my newest feature- Tuesday’s Top Blogs! I thought it would be a great way to discover some new and interesting blogs. Each week  I will feature a different person and ask them to list their five favourite blogs and why they like them. This week, I’m pleased to have Amanda at Midwestern Moms joining us!

Midwestern Moms is a blog featuring personal stories, photos, craft tutorials, recipes and the occasional review and giveaway. We are a group of friends and family members that collectively live in the Midwestern portion of the United States.

The 5 blogs I read the most (in no particular order) are:

3 Kids and Us ~ Cat’s giveaways are amazing and her recipes are always on my list of must-try! I love visiting her blog because the blog design is very clean and easy to read and it seems that we share some of the same interests. Although I’ve only exchanged a few tweets with her, I love her humor and her attitude.

Simply Stacie ~ Simply Stacie is a blog that I visit daily, if not multiple times a day! I love the information that Stacie shares about how to monetize your blog, as well as the many resources that she lists to help you grow your new blog. I am an avid reader, so the book reviews are amazing and always give me new ideas and inspiration for my next read. I also feel that Stacie is a friendly blogger. On more than one occasion she has taken the time to respond to my emails and offer a helping hand. I tend to read a blog more often if I feel that I have that personal connection with the blogger.

Tip Junkie ~ I can’t get enough of the craft section on this site! This is my go-to for craft project ideas and inspiration. I have found so many new craft blogs to follow by the features that Laurie does on her site. I visit her giveaway section probably once a week to enter all of the new giveaways and love browsing through all of the mom-preneur shops listed on her site.

Dear Crissy ~ Crissy’s photography style draws me into her site and her personal stories and great writing keep me coming back for more. I feel as though I can relate to her because our children are around the same age. Another reason I love this site is because Crissy has good quality reviews on her site that are easy to enter.

The Pioneer Woman ~ When I am totally out of ideas for things to make for dinner, I always visit The Pioneer Woman and Tasty Kitchen. I love Ree’s writing style and find her to be such an inspiration to all moms and bloggers. Her photography is amazing and I find myself drooling over her recipes simply because they look so good! I also love visiting her site for photography tips in hopes that someday I will be able to take such great photos for my blog!

Stacie Vaughan

Stacie is the mom of two girls and lives in Ontario, Canada. She enjoys cooking/baking, photography, reading, DIY and is fueled by lots of coffee!

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