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If I had sat down to write this review shortly after first receiving Skindinävia and using it for the first few times, I would have told you that it absolutely did not work. Skindinävia is a makeup setting spray that is designed to keep your makeup fresh looking for up to 16 hours. The makeup setting spray has actually been around since 2005, though a similar spray was used on Hollywood film sets in the 70s and 80s so that makeup artists could go longer between touch-ups for the performers.

Skindinävia is a widely used product in Hollywood; the spray is used on Dancing with the Stars, Project Runway, and was even used during the 2010 Oscars ceremony.

I consider the makeup brands I use to be high quality, and I have never noticed any fading or drying out with my makeup. My preferred eyeshadow brand is MAC, and it works really well with my skin. Any time that I have ever used a cream shadow, however, it has always creased and disappointed me.

Since I mostly wear MAC for my eyes, I first tried the Skindinävia spray with that makeup brand. One of the best selling points for me and definitely with other consumers is that Skindinävia is designed to work with any brand of makeup. One the first day, I applied my eyeshadow, foundation, and lip gloss as usual and didn’t use the setting spray with it. The next day, I applied my makeup the same way that I did before and this time used the Skindinävia spray with it. I didn’t notice any sort of difference between how my makeup looked from the first day to the second. I tried it again and still didn’t see much of a difference, so considered it a product that wasn’t worth my money.

Then I started to get interested in mineral powder cosmetics. At our mall, there is a kiosk for MicaBella products. I let the sales associate apply a couple shades to my eyes, and I loved the way it looked. But later that night, I noticed that the mineral powder had actually flaked and was wearing off as well as creasing. I hadn’t even been wearing it for more than a few hours!

I remembered that I had the Skindinävia spray, and decided to run a few more tests. On the first day, I applied the mineral powders from MicaBella over another brand of mineral powder that acted as sort of a primer. The color actually held, and nothing flaked or faded. The next day, I applied the mineral powders from MicaBella without the other brand of mineral powder and noticed that it wore off, faded, and also creased. The third day, I again used the MicaBella mineral powders, and this time applied Skindinävia over it. On the third day, the makeup had mostly stayed put, though it had worn off just a little. There was no creasing on that third day, however.

I like the Skindinävia spray much more than I had expected I would, and will definitely test it out on my cream eyeshadow so that that purchase is not a waste, either. Skindinävia is easy to use; simply spray 4-6 times in both an X and a T shape about 8-10 inches away from your face. It is quick drying and will not make your face shiny. It can be applied both beneath and over your makeup for lasting effects. Mascara should be applied after the spray is used, however.

The MicaBella products are expensive and in my opinion a waste of money, but thanks to Skindinävia I can actually use them still and not worry about the shadow flaking, fading, or creasing on my eyelids. If it hadn’t been for that $30 purchase, I would never have seen how truly valuable a makeup setting spray could be.

*I did not receive any financial compensation for this review, though I did review a sample of the product for evaluation purposes.The opinions are based only on my experiences with the product.*


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