Q & A With Eddie Izzard

Eddie Izzard is most well known for his hilarious stand-up comedy routines, but in Cars 2 he provides the voice of Miles Axelrod, a car that has transformed himself into an electric car and runs on a new kind of energy source. “…I find it tricky,” he said when asked what’s more challenging, voicing an animated character or acting in a live action film. “You have to put everything you can into the voice. That’s all you can concentrate on.”

Cars 2 is action-packed with international espionage, a movie that will really appeal to any movie-goers who are interested in films like The Bourne Identity or any of the James Bond films. “I think it’s great…everyone wants to be a spy,” Izzard said.

Though he doesn’t have kids of his own, Izzard says he does feel a bit of pressure to perform to the best of his abilities in movies targeted to a younger audience. I think you put the same effort into all that…[the] kids are gonna grow up and then want to see the more adult stuff as well.”

Like his co-star Owen Wilson, Eddie Izzard was impressed by what Pixar represents. “it’s got heart in it which you see in their offices… they’re allowed to remodel their offices. Their imagination goes into everything,” he said of the creative talent behind the Pixar movies.

If you could design your office in such a way to creatively inspire you, how would you remodel?

*Disney provided me with an all expenses paid trip to Los Angeles to see Cars 2 and meet with some members of the talent and crew.*


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