My Recording Session with Winnie the Pooh Producer Peter del Vecho

Briefly in my childhood, I entertained the idea that I wanted to be a voice artist–more specifically, I wanted to be the next Disney princess’s singing voice. After all, I totally sang just as good as Ariel (Jodi Benson), Belle (Paige O’Hara), and Jasmine (Lea Salonga)–and if the people at Disney could only hear me sing, they’d absolutely turn me into a Disney princess!

That childhood dream became a reality for me while I was in Los Angeles; I got my 5 minutes of fame in the recording booth with Disney’s Winnie the Pooh Producer Peter del Vecho. I didn’t get turned into a princess like I’ve always dreamed, but I did get to provide the voice for Piglet for a few minutes, and I have exclusive footage for your eyes only documenting my recording artist’s journey.

I have to admit that I was absolutely terrified to step foot in the recording booth. Watching the behind-the-scenes footage of the voice artists in the booth on my Disney DVDs, I always thought they looked confident and comfortable and that it would be an absolute piece of cake.

Luckily, we were broken up into smaller groups, which eased some of my nerves. I tried to squeeze into a corner, hoping they wouldn’t notice me and would forget to make my recording. Not a very promising voice acting/singing career start for someone who has ambitions of being the next Disney princess, now is it?

When it was finally my turn to step into the booth with Peter (or did someone shove me…?), my stomach was a nest of restless butterflies trying to escape. But he smiled and held out his hand…and I took it and walked with as much confidence as I could muster into the recording booth.

There was a camera (a HUGE one!) and a couple other people in the booth with me–including Peter–and I could see my friends through the clear glass window for encouragement. Peter gave me my directions, indicating how Piglet should emphasize certain words and where he should make certain sounds. Once I knew what I had to do, I put on the headphones and clutched a plush Piglet until my knuckles turned white…and I tried to forget I wasn’t alone in the room so I could become Piglet.

So even though I don’t have the acting chops or set of pipes to be the next Disney princess (hey, I never said I could act OR sing–just that I wanted to be a Disney princess!), I got to see what those voice actors and singers experience when stepping into the recording booth. It was definitely an adrenaline rush, to say the very least! And if they get to work with someone as patient, kind, and encouraging as Peter del Vecho, they are the luckiest voice actors around!

*Disney & DreamWorks is providing me with an all-expenses paid trip to Los Angeles. Opinions expressed are my own.*


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