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June 2011 Traffic Report

I think June was a record breaking month for traffic for my site. I had lots of events going including the I Love My Daddy event, Blog Bash, Reading Week, Spring Follower Tour, Flash Follow Giveaway, Flixlab iPad2 Giveaway! My Facebook and OLS traffic has increased as well as the traffic I’m getting from tribes on Triberr.

Top 10 Referring Sites:

  1. Facebook: 4606 visits
  2. Online Sweepstakes: 4248 visits
  3. Twitter: 2461 visits
  4. 1916 visits
  5. 1887 visits
  6. Triberr: 2533 visits
  7. 309 visits
  8. Swagbucks: 307 visits
  9. Picket Fence Blogs: 227 visits
  10. StumbleUpon: 145 visits

Top 10 Referring Blogs:

  1. Makobi Scribe: 660 visits (from I Love My Daddy Event and our Flash Follow Giveaway, etc)
  2. I Am A Reader Not A Writer: 611 visits (from the book giveaway hops that I do)
  3. Just Married with Coupons: 252 visits (from Like & Win Social Battle and Reading Week)
  4. Dear Crissy: 227 visits (from our Spring Follower Tour, etc)
  5. Kelly’s Lucky You: 222 visits (from our Spring Follower tour)
  6. Fabulous Finds by November Girl xoxo: 148 visits (from our Like & Win Social Battle and Reading Week)
  7. Mommy Kat and Kids: 140 visits (from our Spring Follower Tour)
  8. The Pixelista: 133 visits (my blog designer)
  9. Family Approve: 126 visits (from Blog Bash)
  10. Marvelous Mommy: 119 visits (from our Spring Follower Tour)

Keywords are the words that people typed into search engines and found your site. I get a lot of the same ones each month!

Top 10 Keywords:

  1. simply stacie: 780 visits
  2. bloggin 101 giveaways: 350 visits
  3. body by vi reviews: 190 visits
  4. rafflecopter: 131 visits
  5. apothederm reviews: 77 visits/ simplystacie: 77 visits
  6. diet magic reviews: 74 visits
  7. lumixyl reviews: 71 visits
  8. simply stacie blog: 58 visits
  9. blog bash 2011: 57 visits
  10. 51 visits

Top 10 Most Viewed Posts:

  1. Spring Follower Giveaway Tour: 2696 pageviews
  2. Flixlab iPad2 Giveaway: 2116 pageviews
  3. Amazon Kindle Giveaway: 1900 pageviews
  4. Just Married with Coupons Amazon Giveaway: 1306 pageviews
  5. Blog Bash: 1287 pageviews
  6. Giveaway Linky: 1185 pageviews
  7. Winners Wall for Flash Follow Giveaway: 1182 pageviews
  8. Midsummer’s Eve Giveaway: 1172 pageviews
  9. About: 1062 pageviews
  10. Like & Win Giveaway: 1049 pageviews

What sites sent you the most traffic? Do we share any of the same keywords? What pages are the most popular on your site?

Check out these other blog’s traffic reports! Leave a comment here if you did one and I’ll add you to the list.

Stacie Vaughan

Stacie is the mom of two girls and lives in Ontario, Canada. She enjoys cooking/baking, photography, reading, DIY and is fueled by lots of coffee!

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