Personal Finance

Easy Money Saving Tips

Being that I work as an Business Analyst for a Credit Union I have always been money conscious. So here are some of my money savings tips and tricks:

Make a budget. I budget every paycheck that me and my husband brings home, I track it on an Excel spreadsheet and I keep a rolling 2 month time period. Budgeting helps me keep track of every dollar, I include everything from our normal monthly expenses such as car payments, insurance, cell, housing, etc to fun money and gas money.

Use Cash. I found that when I actually go to the bank to take out my spending cash I spend less then I would if I were swiping my debit or credit cards. Using cash really makes you think twice about buying that $3.50 latte or that $7 combo burger meal.

Coupons. Every Sunday I sit down with my paper and clip coupons, I generally save about 30% on my bill. Only use the coupons you know your family needs, don’t spend your money on something you have no use for just because you have a coupon for it.

Save. I have a few ways of saving money, I have a Sallie Mae CD and savings account that earns me much more interest than what my local banks or credit unions were offering. I transfer whatever amount I can comfortably afford a paycheck to them and let them sit. Out of site out of mind, I plan to use the money to help purchase Christmas presents or just save for a rainy day. I also save my change that I get back from breaking a dollar. Everyday whatever loose change I have in my wallet goes into my piggy bank, you’d be amazed by how much you can save.

Out with the old. I sell all my items I no longer use on craigslist or ebay, it’s a great way to make a few extra bucks and clear out your clutter as well.

Freebies. We all love them right? My go to site for freebies and coupons is the site is updated daily, I receive all sorts of free stuff from this site from pet supplies, beauty, great stuff for my kids,household goods, to coupons for free items at my local grocery store. It makes checking the mail everyday exciting because I never know what is waiting in there for me besides bills 🙁

Try something different. I was a body wash buyer like most people, until one day I decided to buy an 8 pack of bar soap versus a bottle of body wash. Talk about a money savings! The eight pack of bar soap lasts me 4-6 months where as the bottle of body wash was being replaced every 4 weeks or so. Sometimes you have to think outside of the box and try new things. Instead of paying $25-$35 for a pedicure I purchased all the items I needed to give myself my own pedicure at home, including all those cute little designs they do that is extra price. Not only is it a cost savings by doing it myself it’s also more sanitary knowing only my footsies are the only ones being used by the tool.

Tiffany is a 30 year old full time working wife and mother of 2 (boy, girl) who loves to read, crochet, save money, DIY crafts/projects and blog about naturally curly hair styles, tips and products. She blogs over at Diva Locks (Diva Do’s & Everything in Between).