DIY Low Cost Crafts

I have always been a DIY’er, I love making things and every time I am out shopping and I see something I like I always say to myself, “Hey I can make that!” Creating things not only allows me to express myself but it also helps me save money for my household.

Bulletin Board

I wanted a bulletin board to display all of my daughter’s awards, medals, and pins she has won from her dance competitions, but I didn’t just want a plain board so I decided to spice a plain one up. I purchased this plain bulletin board at Wal Mart for $8 I added the white and hot pink paint design along the border to jazz it up some using sponge brushes. I purchased the light pink and hot pink push pins at Wal Mart for $3.49, the crown and 4 pre-painted wood appliques from Joann’s Craft Store for $0.59 each, the letters also pre-painted were purchased at Joann’s as well for $4.49 (40% percent off) and there you have it!

Total Cost: $18.93

Halloween Outfits

Last Year for Halloween I decided to make my kid’s costumes instead of buying them. My daughter choose to be a ladybug so made the tutu using a yard each of the black and red tulle purchased on clearance at Joann’s for $1.99 a yard. I sewed small ladybug buttons onto the tutu, button were purchased at Wal Mart in a pack of 12 for $2.49. I purchased the wings at the Dollar Tree for $1 and purchased two sheets of felts for $0.25 each and cut out circles and glued them to the wings and shirt. The antennas I used a plain black headband we already had, black pipe cleaners and red poofy balls purchased at Wal Mart for under $5 for both items. The black turtle neck and red tank top were purchased at Factory 2 U a discount clothing store for $2.00 each.

Total Cost: $17.50

My son choose to be a Dracula, for his outfit I used a plain white dress up shirt, plain black dress pants both of which we already had. I made the red vest using an old red t shirt that my son couldn’t fit anymore. I cut it the shirt’s collar, back and sleeves off, cut the V neck shape and sewed safety pinned it to the white dress up shirt. I hot glued on the strips of black felt and sewed on the four gold buttons I purchased at Wal Mart for $2.49. The cape was sewed together by my co-worker (sewing is a craft I haven’ t mastered yet) I created the center piece necklace he wore buy purchasing a yard of lace from Joann’s for $2.49 I then cut and sewed it to make the design I used a piece of red ribbon I had laying around and purchased the medallion at Wal Mart on clearance for $2.00, face make up kit was also purchase at Wal Mart for $5.

Total Cost: $12.50

With a little creativity, imagination, time and patience you too can create a one of a kind look for your kids!

Tiffany is a 30 year old full time working wife and mother of 2 (boy, girl) who loves to read, crochet, save money, DIY crafts/projects and blog about naturally curly hair styles, tips and products. She blogs over at Diva Locks (Diva Do’s & Everything in Between).