Disney’s Have A Laugh! Volume 4 DVD Review

Title: Have a Laugh 4

Disney’s Have a Laugh! Vol. 4 features more original Disney shorts featuring beloved characters Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto. My daughter crawled up on the couch to watch this one with me, and was more interested in the cartoons than her pile of Cars 2 toys.

In Mickey Down Under (1948), Mickey Mouse and Pluto are on a banana plantation (according to IMDB.com), and each gets caught up in a bit of silly trouble. Mickey Mouse gets Pluto interested in a boomerang, and Pluto gets it stuck in his mouth. Mickey Mouse wanders off to find Pluto, and upsets an ostrich when he tries to steal her egg. He calls Pluto for help, but Pluto is still having complications with the boomerang.

In Hawaiian Holiday (1937), Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto are enjoying a relaxing day on the beach. Mickey plays the guitar while Donald and Minnie hula dance, and Donald dances his way into a fire, setting his tail feathers ablaze. Pluto chases a starfish into the ocean and has a snippy encounter with a crab. Goofy tries to surf, but the waves don’t want to cooperate.

In Trailer Horn (1950), Donald Duck takes his camper out into the woods for some R&R. Chip and Dale enter Donald’s camp site and start a bunch of mischief, from interrupting his sleep by honking his car horn and launching pine cones at him and his dishes. Donald gets a bit of revenge, but he’s still bested by the feisty chipmunks.

In How to Swim (1942), Goofy instructs viewers on what to wear when going to the beach to swim and demonstrates swimming strokes on his swiveling round piano stool. The video also cautions on only going swimming an hour or longer after you swim, or you might get cramps.

In Pluto’s Surprise Package (1949), Pluto goes to get the mail and finds a package waiting for him that just won’t stay still. The package contains a cute little turtle that only wants to go swim, but Pluto chases him around so he can’t meet his goal. Pluto gets himself into some serious trouble when his mail and the turtle take a tumble over a cliff.

Like the other DVDs in the Have a Laugh! collection, this one contains 5 shorts in their original 2.0 Audio, as well as edited versions with restored sound and picture. Again I preferred the original shorts because they remain unedited, but I do like the crisp color and lines in the restored editions.

This DVD also features a short music clip by the Jonas Brothers, and Disney Blam!, which introduces kids to the classic Disney shorts.

There is definitely something for everyone in these DVD compilations!

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